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In Regards to the slave anna

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Posted: 2019-05-05 3:43:36 pm Category RolePlay Viewed 369 times Likes 0

the girl is officially released from my collar for lies and plagiarism. I had doubts about her from day 1 but gave her the benefit of a doubt, she has bad spelling, bad grammar, age 42 from england, says she is using audio books to read about Gor

if anyone has any questions or want the scroll let me know

2019-05-05 6:45:56 pm
Ahh. Didn't give credit to the author. Did she perhaps adjust the poem in any way, thus making it her own, as it were?
2019-05-05 6:52:40 pm
nope, same words and everything
2019-05-05 6:53:53 pm
*nods* And no credit to the author, as you've said. Thank you for responding to my query.