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WamphW IFC Bianciella's Profile

Current Mood: Loved
Male - United Kingdom
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Long-Term Relationship

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Warrior. Port Kar. Currently carrying 2 x short swords across back, 1 x dagger in rt boot. A small coin engraved with a parsit fish hangs aorund is the only other non-clothing related item worn, a cherished gift that will always be treasured. Warrior tags earned circa. 2008, trained by Marlenus and Rowan.


IFC'ed to the most amazing of Women, Bianciella, 14th April 2018. We reside happily in Port Kar, mixing amongst the assassins, urts and thieves. Soon to be FC'ed.


"One does not know, truly, what it is to stand, until one has fallen. Once one has fallen, then one knows, you see, what it is to stand." (Beasts of Gor, p.340)

"In the codes of the warriors, there is a saying; 'Be strong, and do as you will. The swords of others will set you your limits.'" (Marauders of Gor, P10)

"Gor is a man's world, you see, and women are men's" (Kur of Gor, P351)