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2019-10-22 10:41:19 pm by faith¤ÇPØ in category General
  You are not Gorean if ...... by RiznSun over 11 years ago The "Gor Police" are always about. Always telling people that they are not Gorean if they (fill in the blank). Gor is an ideal that we follow in our hearts, where is this "bible" that says who can and can not be Gorean? What are some of the more funnier ones you have encountered? Which ones make you want...
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2019-10-22 9:06:10 pm by faith¤ÇPØ in category RolePlay
Found this on Fet life.
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  • faith¤ÇPØ: this one is puzzled, she did not turn off comments,, yet noticed they were off.
  • Nÿx: Yup.. we used to attend the Power Exchange club together and a few other clubs in the bay area....
  • ThieryW: You knew him in RL? Wow. I could barely stand him online. You must have a high tolerance.
  • Nÿx: Naw... remember I knew him in person... he was an asshole online but not on the spectrum.
  • ThieryW: That was the theory of one of the girls over on Yahoo.