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2015-05-20 9:12:50 pm

We are currently working on Buzzen Groups, which will allow users to set up a group much like the old MSN Group Pages. We are interested in knowing what you would like to see included in groups. Give us your ideas and we will try to incorporate them.

2015-11-22 12:01:47 am
You don't have a local Angies List or Craigslist? Seems to me, Buzzen wouldn't have very many sellers or buyers in any particular area. FacelessBook, either, but at least that's a bit larger.
2015-11-22 4:44:56 am
i agree with dafixitman.. there would be few buyers/sellers in your area to worry with it. Also we don't have the time or staff to deal with issues that would arise from that sort of thing.. You are better off using other services for this idea. Do appreciate the idea though.
2015-11-25 10:46:01 pm
Wil; You might also find things on, or at least go there and see how that's set up. I'm sure there isn't one in your area but it's a great idea, and you might be able to find a similar site, or set one up yourself. Of course that assumes local users in your area can find it (you might be able to put the word out on FB.) You might also look at Just type NSW in the third search box and then you can choose an area. That seems pretty impressive.

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