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2013-09-11 8:53:22 am
After a recent Windows Update IE 10 users are having issues with Unicode Characters in nicknames not displaying correctly. We have found this is directly releated to the Windows Update and are working to correct the problem. We suggest that users try alternative browsers such as Firefox or Chrome until the issue can be fixed.
2013-09-06 8:09:33 am
For users having trouble with whispers reporting error with no user name please enable compatibility mode in IE10. Make sure the compatibilty button is blue. This should resolve your issue. We are working to correct the problem. For more information about compatability view please visit Microsoft Help
2013-09-06 8:08:39 am
Within the next week we will be rolling out a new update for our server. This update is mainly for stability. As a normal user you will not notice any changes with how the server functions. You will however notice that your current room access list will not carry over. You should save your access list. Note using * wildcard entries will be limited. You should use the full gatekeeper for entries...
2013-08-31 11:56:42 pm
Buzzen is now in the final stages of our Beta Cam and Voice services. If everything goes as planned you should see these services in your whisper boxs starting January 1st 2013. Any questions or suggestions simply leave comments to this news article
2013-08-31 11:55:58 pm
We have now changed our default roomlistings to numerical, so larger rooms will be listed at the top of the page. If you prefer the old listing style you can change that at the top right of the roomlist page.
  • daves188: can not enter shows server banned i dont know why would you please fix thanks
  • err0r:
  • ꧁lilbunnie꧂: what is the link for the donation page?
  • elusive_butterfly: I don't have vpn on my phone and I still can't
  • elusive_butterfly: Am I here?
  • Eyecu: News comments are not for support. Please send in a ticket with all pertinent information as i...
  • gymgirl: cant get into chat still
  • Ross_7: my anti virus security suite refuses to let me into buzzen anything because of your lack of...
  • Eyecu: Nikki you are using a vpn, turn off the vpn to connect to buzzen. And in the future news posts are...
  • Ms_Nikki: Hello. I am still having trouble accessing the chat room I get in but then it comes up disconnected...

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