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2015-06-21 5:22:37 pm
We have updated our chat domain to In a few days will auto redirect to Please update your bookmarks to reflect this change. All links on the website have been updated to use url. This includes roomlist, favorites, etc. You will need to log out of and back in to start using the new url. Scripters using
2015-05-20 9:12:50 pm
We are currently working on Buzzen Groups, which will allow users to set up a group much like the old MSN Group Pages. We are interested in knowing what you would like to see included in groups. Give us your ideas and we will try to incorporate them.
2014-07-17 2:57:28 pm
We have a winner. Let's have a big round of applause for Shaun Scott, who was chosen as the first winner of Buzzen’s on-going contest for “Writers, Artists and Photographers.” Shaun’s poem entitled, “May” is sincere and heartfelt. The reader should find it endearing and a keepsake. “May” will be featured and featured on Buzzen’s Facebook...
2014-07-10 9:32:01 am
Want an emoticon in chat that we don't have? Now is your chance to get it added to our list of chat emoticons. Show us your favorite emoticon or give us a link to view it. If you don't have one, request what you would like to see. We will select the top submissions to be added to our chat emoticons. Post them in our comments section here or on our facebook group. Rules No emoticons...
2014-07-06 12:16:49 am
Due to requests from our users we have re-added a system to add a voice clip. Please upload your clip in mp3 format only. Current limit is 2mb. You can find the option to upload a voice clip in Edit Profile area in Advanced Options. We are open to suggestions on how to improve this feature. Give us your opinions and ideas.
  • IllusiveMe2: unable to get into open minded
  • JL66: any room i enter everythings on the leftside impossible to use
  • anonymus: hi love buzzen its a good chat!
  • Caramia_Minx™: if you wish to messaage me you will find it on your profile page. I have good friens on my...
  • Caramia_Minx™: I did leave a comment Rupert
  • Caramia_Minx™: thanks for your can message me as long as you wihs...thanks Minx.
  • ruphet123: how long will this laST
  • Account Deleted: The site sure is wonkers right now.. notifications are down, groups and profile lists are not...
  • Maggie_BCN: Go to help desk, Caramia. They can assist you there.
  • Caramia_Minx™: I have lotst my Messgee Connection can you help me