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2020-07-15 9:42:13 pm by amari☰H☰fg in category General
Happy, happy birthday, Mistress (and Her typist)! I hope You had a beautiful and blessed day. May all Your wishes come true! love, amari (and her typist!)      
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2019-12-21 12:51:52 am by amari☰H☰fg in category General
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Private Blog

Private   2019-12-11 11:05:47 pm by amari☰H☰fg
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2019-11-26 4:05:00 pm by amari☰H☰fg in category General
To my Master and the Man behind the Character, Yes.  This.  I love You.  Always, unconditionally, devotedly and humbly. I am beyond grateful and honored to be Your girl.   Thank You for Your protection and guidance and for the love and joy You have brought to my life. I am blessed to be, not just owned, but cherished.  Happy Anniversary! Yours, amaryllis...
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2019-10-09 10:23:03 pm by amari☰H☰fg in category RolePlay
Words are the lifeline of Gorean roleplay!  Let's have a little fun with them! Take the last letter of the Gorean word posted, then post a NEW Gorean word beginning with that letter. (The word must be a Gorean word.) Example:      THARLARION      The next post would be a word beginning with "N"......      N - NEEDLE...
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