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A word game for ALL Goreans

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Posted: 2019-10-09 10:23:03 pm Category RolePlay Viewed 1,967 times Likes 4

Words are the lifeline of Gorean roleplay!  Let's have a little fun with them!

Take the last letter of the Gorean word posted, then post a NEW Gorean word beginning with that letter.
(The word must be a Gorean word.)

     The next post would be a word beginning with "N"......
     ... and so on.   

Feel free to add a short description or quote that uses the word, if you wish!

Let's start with 

FLAMINIUM (a scarlet red, large-budded, five-petaled flower)

2019-11-25 3:35:55 pm
R-Raft Bridge...Bridges formed of rafts made of rence; used by rence growers in the Vosk Delta..."I came to one of the raft bridges I had helped to fasten in place that morning, shortly after dawn. I placed Telima in the center of the raft. Then I began to tear loose the rence-rope fastenings, fixed to stakes thrust through the rence." — Raiders of Gor, page 57.
2019-11-27 1:53:10 am
E - Enameled Collar "I, too, was surprised. Kneeling before us, on the wagon bed, her hands braceleted behind her back, two small keys dangling from her enameled collar was Taphris, who was one of the personal serving slaves of the Lady Florence." Fighting Slave of Gor Book 14 Page 245
2019-11-27 2:15:34 am
R-Room of Slave Discipline...Room in a slaver's house, in which discipline of a slave is performed.,,"… we passed, too, the dreaded room of slave discipline; there were, in this room, suspended rings, whips, a large, heavy stone table." — Tribesmen of Gor, page 16.