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amari☰H☰fg (amari, of Haigan)
Female - Boswell Pass, GOR, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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The following is a Gorean Role-Play Profile.
(all images are representations of role-play only)
PMs are OOC unless otherwise indicated.
If I am "away" or cupped, i am out of role-play, as well.
I stay signed in most of the time, so please understand,
 just because I may appear to be online does not assure that I actually am at any given moment.

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i am a barbarian love slave owned by Master Haigan of Boswell Pass (The Gorean Frontier).

 Our story began with a simple chance meeting on 11-01-17.
It continued with a little bowl of flowers and a vision of a cozy cottage...
He took me by threat of canjellne, named me "amari" and collared me on 11-26-17.
On 12-08-17, He exchanged His sirik for a gold Turian collar,
taking actions that day to make me HIS permanently.

"you are as beautiful to Me today as the night I challenged for you,
and immeasurably more valuable now for our time together, girl."
~ Master ~

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He does not abide indolent or spoiled slaves.
"A pleasing girl with proper manners is seldom beaten."
~ Master ~

i humbly serve my Master and Our Home as His fg.
(fg tags bestowed by Master on 08-19-18)

i have a sister, aushmi...notre flamme espiègle, eager to please, funny and sweet.
Soeur de mon coeur...She is spirited, protective, brave and beautiful.

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my Master's instructions supersede all others.
i am to obey His words regardless of other Free's wishes.
i may be punished by any Free who has a justifiable grievance.

my Master commands the following of me:

** my travel is currently restricted to Our home, The Gorean Frontier **
By my Master's orders, i travel with three Guards,
Tahlus, Kazrak and Saud,
when outside the grounds of our Homestead.

Even when i am home, They are never far away.
** i obey specific instruction regarding my state of dress at specific times of the day and night **

** my hair is to remain braided and covered until released by my Master's hand or with His permission **

** i am strictly forbidden from sharing information, participating in gossip, or meddling in the affairs of others **
** when i am not at His side, i am to be tending chores, not talking, being useless or learning bad habits **
** i am not to serve anyone in any capacity other than my Owner unless He is present and commands it **
** i am to warm His furs by 11 pm unless in His presence elsewhere **
** i am allowed the use of pre-established and developed NPC characters ONLY within firm parameters **
** i do not accept gifts, treats or rewards, except those from my Master's own hand **

These commands are vital to me as His slave in my efforts to serve and please Him.

"that's My precious, irreplaceable babylove girl."
~ Master ~

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Getting started:

So You've tasted Gor and you want more?
Here's what's expected in the Gorean Frontier:

1. Find a Sponsor.
2. Roleplay asking to petition for Citizenship.
3. Have a Gorean profile, or ask for help getting one set up.
4. Show staying power by committing to 30 day trial (probation period).
5. Fill out the paperwork.
6. Survive the probation period.
7. Pledge to this home as your one and only home.
8. Roleplay!

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