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amari ☰H☰ (amari, of Haigan)
Female - Boswell Pass, GOR, United States
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Undisclosed

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A woman's polite devotion is her greatest beauty.
~ African proverb ~

The following is a Gorean Role-Play Profile.
(all images are representations of role-play only)
PMs are OOC; if I am "away" or cupped, i am out of role-play, as well.

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i am a barbarian love slave owned by Master Haigan of Boswell Pass (The Gorean Frontier).
He knows my heart and mind and i know His, at least as well as a slave can.
i am His love slave, His slut, His wicked bitch, His amari.
He is my Love Master, my Protector, my Owner, my Heart.

"you are My beautiful, obedient and perfect treasure, amari.
I am well pleased and very proud to own you and call you Mine."
~ Master ~

Ultimately, His opinion is the only one that matters to me.
Our bond is strengthened with each challenge We overcome together.
my devotion and loyalty to Him deepens with every single breath i take.

"All you have to do is remember your place, it is at My feet as My chosen one...
all you have to do is hold on.  I won't let go."
~ Master ~

Our story began with a simple chance meeting on 11-01-17.
It continued with a little bowl of flowers and a vision of a cozy cottage...
He took me by threat of canjellne, named me "amari" and collared me on 11-26-17.

On 12-08-17, He exchanged His sirik for a gold Turian collar,
taking actions that day to make me HIS permanently,
while speaking words to bind me enduringly to Him.

"you are as beautiful to Me today as the night I challenged for you,
and immeasurably more valuable now for our time together, girl."
~ Master ~

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He does not abide lazy, jealous or spoiled slaves.
He is diligent in His training and discipline and
applies both with serious forethought and a firm hand.

"A pleasing girl with proper manners is seldom beaten."
~ Master ~

i have two chain sisters, apple and ashes.
apple is loving, protective, sensual and adventurous.
ashes is quiet, sweet, eager and devoted.

Each of us is commanded and guided by Him to fulfill our individual
purpose for the benefit of Our home and the betterment of Gor.

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my Master's instructions supersede all others.
i am to obey His words regardless of other Free's wishes.
i am to leave if His rules are not respected.
i may be punished by any Free who has a justifiable grievance.

my Master commands the following of me:
"you are to be at My feet when I am in Our home, attentive to My needs first and foremost"
~ Master ~

** i am allowed to travel and do so cautiously and with the understanding that i represent my Master **
** i am strictly forbidden from sharing information, participating in gossip, or meddling in the affairs of others **
** when i am not at His side, i am to be tending chores, not talking, being useless or learning bad habits **
** i am not to serve anyone in any capacity other than my Owner unless He is present and commands it **
** i am to warm His furs by 10 pm unless in His presence elsewhere **

** i am not allowed to use NPC characters in my role play unless Master approves **
** i do not accept gifts, treats or rewards, except those from my Master's own hand **

These commands are vital to me as His slave
as they guide me in my efforts to serve and please Him.

i trust my Master to provide for all my needs as He deems necessary and i understand
that even the meager items of use i am allowed may be taken away at any time should He see fit to do so.
I am grateful for this understanding because it allows me to focus on what is truly important, solely my service to Him.

His approval, His peace, His pleasure is what i crave and value...nothing else can compare.

"that's My precious, irreplaceable babylove girl."
~ Master ~

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