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Quin and harper

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Hʌrper (*, *)
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Posted: 2020-02-29 11:31:54 am Category General Viewed 362 times Likes 1

I have contemplated writing this for a few daya now.  It is with heavy heart I bring to the public Quin will not be returning to Gor or chat.  He is dying and only has a short time to live. I will not go into details but Gor has lost a good man.  I will forever love him and he will remain in my heart. That being said, without Quin, harper doesn't exist.  She belonged to him real time and online.  So as he takes the journey to heaven, he takes a part of me as well.  


Gods speed my Quin and Love!  Love remains even in the afterlife.  I love you!



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2020-03-01 5:53:06 pm
Keeping you both in this one’s thoughts and prayers.
2020-03-02 1:00:29 pm
my heart and prayers goes out to both of You, He will be greatly missed
2020-03-02 3:07:02 pm
Sorry to hear you go

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