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Velvet•Vᵰᵯpᵻress (Velvet, Vampiress)
Female - 45 years old, 8th Circle of Hell, Australia
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single

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~~He sat at his desk; the loud shrill of the phone echoing through the house, he was oblivious to it. His mind lost in the fantasy he was creating.

In it he saw himself walking silently up behind her, grabbing the loathsome woman by her throat, clamping his right hand over her mouth. I have to remember to stop the bitch from yelling he banked the thought away for later. He laughed. Yes that’s right later, I’ve waited long enough. Push her down with my body, kneel between her legs, press my cock against her tight little ass. Just so she knows what’s going to be ripping into her. He smiled he could feel himself swell just at the thought.

He stopped this train of thought and stood up going to the bathroom, stripping off all his clothes, leaving them in a pile of the floor. Turning on the shower faucet, getting in under the shower head and allowing the heat flow down his strong and lean body, he soaps himself down, his right hand running down his stomach to his cock already tumescent with his excitement. He slowly strokes himself, images of Trish running through his head, Oh fuck! He thinks to himself that bitch doesn’t know what she’s missing out on. His body tenses as he feels himself about to cum. ‘Mmmm’ slip it right into her mouth, watch those pretty lips wrap around me, ohhhhhhhh god. He closes his eyes as a low moan escapes his throat just as he shoots his load.

Washing himself off, he steps out of the shower, drying off. Tony got a real good one when he got Trish, but fuck she should have been mine. He moved in on her when I wanted her. He shook his head. Well after tonight she’ll see who she should have been with all along He dressed slowly and deliberately. All black for my little Goth slut, what a pair we’ll make he pulls on his black combat boots over his leathers, he looked at himself in the mirror. The black prince himself would look like a putz next to me. His lips curled into a smirk as he pulls his fingers through his wet shoulder length raven hair.

He walks out the room, grabbing his keys and heading out the door over to the garage. He opens the door and pulls on the cord snapping on the glaring overhead bulb. He checks the chains and grabs up the heavy steel cuffs hanging on the rack on the wall. Jumping into his jet black camaro, he guns the engine reversing then pulling out into the street Trish will be on her way to the bank. I can follow her from there and pick her up before she gets home. Tony won’t care where she is. Fuck he wouldn’t go to the coppers either way, he hates the bastards!

He pulls into the car park behind the bank watching the doors with a grin on his face, “God, I can’t believe I’m doing this, but the bitch needs to learn not to play games with me.” He sees Trish walking up to the bank, looking sleek and sexy, thigh high boots, meeting her lacy black mid thigh skirt, black leather corset emphasising her torso, black ankle length jacket breezing out behind her. Ebony hair framing her face, her pouty lips a deep blood red, heavy kohl around her eyes making the blue within almost transparent.

“Goddamn, she looks hot today, she must have known to dress up for me.” Drumming his fingers out the steering wheel he watches as she walks into the bank and up to the teller. Waiting until she was back out onto the street and walking briskly back to where she had come from; he begins to slowly pull out, keeping back behind her until she crosses the street to the parking garage where she parked her car. He parks out on the street and runs in behind her.

She stops at her car, fumbling through her bag, finding her keys. He walks up behind her putting a hand over her mouth before she realises what’s happening. He pushes her against the car, she drops her bag, the keys and make up spill out onto the ground. He leans into her, his body pressing against her back, he hears her whimper softly bringing yet another smile to his lips as he whispers in her ear. “Good Afternoon Trish, you won’t need your car tonight, your coming with me.” He snaps one cuff onto her left wrist bringing it behind her back, “I’m going to take my hand away for one minute if you say anything and you will not live to see night fall, luv.” She nodded once as he took his hand away to grab her right and cuff it as well, bending down he scoops everything back into her bag, putting the bag over her shoulder when he was done.

“Do I have to keep you quiet Trish or are you gonna be a good lil slut?” He looks up at her and sees her shaking her head. He pushes her forward out of the parking garage to his car, opens the passenger door and pulls open the front seat, shoving her into the back, slamming the seat back into place he kneels on it leaning towards her as his fingers lightly stroke her cheek, she begins to pull back from him but his hand goes behind her head, bringing her forward again.

“Now, now Trish there’s no need to be frightened of me, just think of this as a vacation away from that bastard you live with.” He smirks slightly with a laugh and moves out of the seat, going around to the drivers side climbing in and gunning the engine again and driving off.

She looks around, trying to figure out where he’s taking her. They pass the street that leads to her house, moving through the quiet little suburb without anyone noticing anything is wrong. “Fucking hell” she thinks to herself; “what does Christian think he’s doing, Tony’s going to skin him alive when he finds out, IF he finds out, fuck he’d probably blame me anyway, Christian’s his mate after all, and I’m just his fucking lap dog.” She quietly stifles a sob from deep within her chest, Christian glances in the mirror briefly, as he slows and pulling into a driveway, parking in the garage, he opens his door, yanking the seat forward, dragging Trish out and goes to close the door. He slowly leads her deeper into the murky darkness at the back, he shoves her down onto a mattress, then walks over to the wall snapping on the overhead light. He pulls a chair up sitting down in front of her “I told you, Trish, there ain’t no reason to be scared of me, when I said I’d take you out, that was true enough but I can’t enjoy you half as much that way.”

She moves around, crossing her legs in front of her, leaning to the right her eyes scan around the garage, “I suppose you are wondering why I’m risking my neck eh?” She looks at him and shrugs, looking away again. He leans forward and slaps her face firmly. “You will answer me now, got that slut?” he spits out. She lowers her head wiping the already trickling blood from her lip. “I guess you want me to call you a fucking Master just like Tony, don’t ya Christian? Well fuck that you and he are just the same, two evil spawns bred from two fucking tarts that should have kept their fucking legs closed!”

He pushes the chair forward, grabbing her by the hair, his other hand raised in a fist as he growls “I’m nothing like that prick you shacked up with bitch, I can’t believe you fucking even looked at him, he’s nothing, but then again you moved up in the world when you and him got together didn’t you? A slut who can’t keep nothing, not even a fucking baby.”

He pushes her back onto the mattress, spreading her legs as he kneels between them. He rips the lace skirt from hem to waist, snaps the band of her panties, pulling them from her before undoing the zip of his leathers, freeing his already stiff cock from them, he leans forward forcing himself deep inside her. Trish lays there her eyes tightly shut blocking him out. She starts to think of the little girl she lost. Damnit she thinks to herself Tony’s going to fucking kill me, tears begin to stream down her cheeks. Oh, Tahlia I’m sorry things shouldn’t have turned out the way they did baby. Your daddy is a bad man, he won’t stop. Please forgive me baby girl. Trish was brought back by a rough grunt as Christian came; he sat back on his heels pulling his pants back up. “I don’t know what Tony sees in you Trish that was awful.” Standing up again he looks down at her and shakes his head.

“Sleep woman, maybe you’ll be better in the morning”.

As he closes the door she starts crying louder, her chest heaving as sobs rack her body. After an hour, her tears stop. She curls up facing the door Christian left from, slowing bidding the morning to come. Christian pulls the door open, leans against the doorjamb watching the woman sleep. His face saddened as realisation hits home. “Shit, what have I done? I proved nothing, I’m as bad… no I’m fucking worse then Tony.” He moves in and pauses as Trish begins to sit up. He walks to her, sitting in the chair in front of the mattress; “Trish, god, I’m…. I’m sorry. I… what I did was damn wrong. What I said to you was terrible. I’ll take you to the hospital and will leave you alone.”

He guided her to the car, helping her into the front seat, closing the door quietly behind her. He pulls out and drives to the hospital, he looks over at Trish, huddled against the door. “Trish, I really am sorry. I…. I’m going to be leaving town, you shouldn’t have to see me after this.” He leans over and opens the door, pulling away quickly. Trish looks at him and spits. “You better fucking run, Tony’s going to know about this.”

She gets out and walks into the emergency room. Christian pulls away, leaving her behind.


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