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Velvet•Vᵰᵯpᵻress (Velvet, Vampiress)
Female - 44 years old, 8th Circle of Hell, Australia
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single

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~~Waiting and watching the door for Her pet, Melita taps long sharp blood red nails on the steering wheel.. knowing that the slut should be downstairs any moment now. An evil smile crosses Her face, seeing the door crack open and Her pet appear... dressed as she was ordered, red leather halter neck top, short black leather skirt, split up the sides to show her legs to full advantage, and a simple pair of black stiletto sandals. Melita waits but a moment watching the girl walk down the street, to where she was told to wait for her Owner.

Melita starts the engine to the van, looking over Her shoulder.. telling the Man behind Her to get ready, the slut is just down the road.. Pulling out onto the street, She stops right beside the wide-eyed girl, smiling wickedly as Markum pulls the door open, jumps out grabbing the girl before she has a chance to react.

He binds her wrists with the police issue stainless steel cuffs that Melita supplied, and shoves chrysana into the awaiting van. Melita looks behind Her, smiling at the girl... 'Our plans have changed pet, I think you will find tonights games a little bit more... intense.' An evil laugh escapes as She watches chrysana's mouth widen in shock, and panic slowly creeps in. Markum shoves a gag into her mouth, she fights against Him, not wanting His hands on her... not knowing who He is and why, WHY her Mistress has done this, chrysana's mind works overtime, trying to figure out what is happening.

A black hood is placed over her head, and suddenly her world goes quiet except for the hum of the engine, her Mistress is no longer talking to her, and Her friend sits beside the girl, His hands holding her down. They drive for what chrysana believes is about 10 miles, the van slows, and then stops.. she hears her Mistresses door open and shut, then the roller door at the side open. Melita leans in, grabs the girl by her arm and drags her out of the van.

chrysana stumbles, her heels sinking into soft ground, she is pulled up by her Mistress and the mystery Man. They force her through a door, and shove her down into a kitchen chair... Melita places Her hands on the girls thighs, Her face level with Her hooded pet. speaking softly She says to her 'pet, you're out in the middle of nowhere, at My mercy... you can scream all you like and no one will hear you, as you know, your screams only excite Me further.. so please.. scream as much as you dare.' Digging Her nails into Her pet's thighs She laughs evilly.

Bringing one hand up, She strokes chrysana's cheek, tenderly, knowing that, that one motion.. will confuse her more then anything. Snapping Her fingers, She addresses Markum, 'Dear, introduce Yourself to the slut and tell her why You are here.' She nods to Him, a deep voice resonates through the girls mind 'Slut, My name is Master Markum, your Mistress requested My presence, to restrain, torture and interrogate you. Unless otherwise told, you will not address either Myself or your Mistress, as She stated, you may scream, but they will not help you.'

Underneath the hood, chrysana tests the gag He placed on her, she tries to push it out with her tongue, but can't find enough purchase on it to do so. Melita yanks the hood off her head, yanking her head back by her hair, She stares into Her sluts eyes... chrysana swallows hard, not seeing her tender, loving Mistress, her panic deepens, seeing Mistress' normally caring blue eyes, have turned a cold, harsh and strange, deep grey.

The girl tries to pull away, not liking what she sees, from One she loves so deeply. The slut lowers her eyes, watching her Owners lips, once kissing her passionately, now sneer as if almost in disdain at what is before Her. Melita walks behind the girl, a fist still wrapped up in her hair, making sure the girl has no choice but to watch Her face.

Strong hands grab her legs, pulling them apart, so wide that they send shockwaves of pain all the way through her. Markum holds her legs, watching her tremble, enjoying the torment of the girl before Him. Melita nods to Him, and pulls the slut up by her hair, as He grabs the waistband of her skirt, pulling her behind Him out of the room and to another part of the house. They push her into a room, bare but for another kitchen chair, some chain hanging from the ceiling, and a table filled with knives, whips and canes.

The girl shivers, her body betraying her, excited by seeing her Mistress' tools. Melita laughs evilly, knowing Her girls reaction well. Pulling a key out from Her top, She unsnaps the cuffs, holding chrysana's wrists, before reattaching the heavy leather restraints with D rings.. to these She pulls the chains down, a sharp resounding snap of metal on metal echoes through the room. With both hands chained, She pulls on the chaining, raising Her pet's arms above her head.. until she is so stretched that her ass just barely grazes the chair beneath her.

Chrysana, tries to sit down, but the pull on her arms is excruitiating. Melita walks towards the table, running Her fingertips over Her tools, stroking them all lovingly, knowing that tho what is to come may scare Her pet, it is all done with love and affection. Selecting one of Her specially made 1/4 inch thick bamboo canes, She walks back to the girl, swishing it through the air as She walks onto Her booted calf, an audible crack sounding each time it hits the leather.

Trailing the cane over Her slut's thighs She leans close to her ear and whispers softly 'This can go two ways slut, either you tell Markum and I what I wish to know, and you may enjoy the night... or you can hold your tongue and I shall beat the answer out of you.' The girls eyes immediately flick over to her Mistress, the look of utter panic pleases Melita. Bringing Her arm back, Melita strikes the cane against Her slut's thighs.. chrysana yelps aloud, as a crimson strip immediately appears on her skin.

Melita smirks slightly, knowing Her pet has enjoyed and endured much more then this, but the mind fuck has increased the pain she is experiencing tenfold. 'All you need to do pet, is answer Me honestly and this shall end here and now.. you have been pleasuring yourself selfishly have you not?' The end of the question marked with another crack with the cane over the girls thighs.

Chrysana mutters out a shaky 'No Mistress, pet knows Your rules, and obeys them fully.' Melita strikes the cane down once more adding a little more force this time, 'Slut, I shall have the truth out of you, or your blood shall be spilled.' Nodding to Markum, Melita steps back from Her girl, He yanks the chair from beneath her and throws it away, kicking away chrysana's feet, forcing her weight fully onto her chained arms.

She cries out in pain, trying desperate to find her feet once more, as Markum pulls her head back hard. Melita returns to the table, choosing a purple and black flogger from the many toys She has placed there. The click of Her heels and Her pets labored breathing the only sounds filling the room. Unlacing chrysana's top from behind She lets it fall forward, exposing her back fully.

With the handle of the flogger, She pushes Her slut's head forward, stepping back from her, She swings the flogger back, waiting a bare moment before bringing it down hard over the girls back. Smiling evilly as She hears the girls scream, She yells out to her 'Yes or no slut, have you or have you not been touching yourself without MY permission?'

Sobbing quietly chrysana shakes her head, replying in her quiet voice 'no Mistress, slut has not disobeyed You.' Three times in quick succession, the flogger finds the slut's back, bright crimson flushes the marks. Her screams echo through the room, not knowing what to do to please her Mistress. Melita steps in close behind the girl, raking Her nails over the marks on her back.

The girl feels a shiver go through her entire body, moaning softly as she tilts her head back into her Mistress. Reaching around her body, Melita pinches the slut's left nipple between Her nails, pulling it hard, causing the girl to wince in pain and try to follow Her hand. 'This will only get harder on you pet, confess your indiscretion now, and things will be easier on you in the long run.' Running Her hand down the girls stomach, She dips a finger into her, feeling it already soaked, 'Tsk tsk tsk slut... you seem to have already been enjoying your punishment a little too much'

Grasping the slut's clit, Melita pulls on it.. noticing Her pet's sharp intake of breath, rolling the hard lil nub in between Her fingers, moaning softly into chrysana's ear, knowing that Her excitement feeds the girls own. Her steel grey eyes flick up to Markum, winking to Him... His signal from Her to strip and prepare to torment the girl further.

Watching Markum, She whispers to Her girl.. 'Look at Him pet, you want to touch him too don't you? To tease Him with your tongue, your body.. and certainly your dripping wet pussy... don't you?' chrysana watches Markum entranced by His sheer muscular body, His large thick cock already partially erect. 'mmmmMistress, slut would like to taste Master, if You wish it of her.'

Patting Her slut's wet pussy, Melita steps from behind her, towards Markum, stopping just in front of Him, She rests one hand upon His chest, the other She uses to gently rake Her nails up and down His cock, feeling it come to life beneath Her touch She smiles wickedly to Him. While watching the girl out of the corner of Her eye, Melita leans in close to Markum, flicking Her tongue over His lips quickly... moaning aloud so the slut can hear Her.

Taking His hand within Her own, She leads Him over to the girl.. knowing what He has in store for her. She walks back to the other side of the room, picking up the chair and sitting upon it, crossing her leg, and adjusting the black leather of Her thigh high stiletto boots. She watches silently as Markum runs His rough hands over Her pets arms, painstakingly slow He smiles down to her as her body shivers from the touch.

Ripping the halter top from her body, He throws it away leaving her breasts exposed fully. He leans down, running fingertips up over her thighs, sending more convulsions through the sluts body.. His fingers stopping just at the top inside of her thighs, she tries to lower herself down but the chains stop her movement just short of Him.

He pushes up the tight leather skirt to her hips, sighing softly as the slut's bare mound becomes visible to Him. He leans His body into hers, her nipples grazing over His muscular chest. His now fully erect cock pushing in between her legs, the slut brings her legs together, trying to get some friction against her cunt. Markum pulls away from her, shaking His head ruefully, 'Nice try slut, you must not try to pleasure yourself without being given permission, that is what has gotten you here in the first place.'

He walks over to the table where Melita's tools are laid out, selecting a medium sized vibrator, He returns to the slut, kicking her legs apart with His right foot, walking around behind her, He spits onto the plastic life-like cock. pushing it gently against her ass, He waits until she relaxs slightly, allowing it to be pushed into her easier. Seeing her grind down into it, He pulls back on it slightly, 'Slut, this vibrator is a test.. it is going to be left in and turned on, and you must not cum while you take the rest of your punishment.'

Seeing her nod her understanding, He turns the dial to it's highest setting, chuckling evilly as the slut jerks in surprise. At this point, Melita stands again and joins them.. standing in front of Her pet, idly tracing Her nails over the slut's hardened nipples. Handing Markum Her bamboo cane, She dips Her fingers into Her slut's wet cunt, slowly massaging her soft velvet walls.

She leans in close to her, whispering in her ear 'mm slut, you are absolutely dripping wet, do you want to cum for Me baby?' Just as Her pet is about to reply Markum brings the cane down hard over the girl's ass, causing her to jump and moan, grinding down on the vibrator in her ass.

Melita waits until Markum is just about to bring the cane down on the sluts ass once more, swiping Her thumb nail over Her slut's swollen clit just as the cane meets her flesh. Chrysana's breath quickens, and her heart begins to race... Melita chuckles softly knowing Her slut is about to cum. She leans in close to the girl once more, and hisses into her ear 'If you cum now slut, you will be on restrictions for a month and Markum here will take the blades to you'

Melita runs Her other hand, down the girls side... running two of Her nails along the edges of Her slut's labia, chuckling as the girl shudders involuntarily. Sinking two fingers into Her slut's wet hole, She keeps flicking and sweeping over her clit, enjoying making her slut fight to control herself. Chrysana purrs and moans.. her voice a bare whisper 'please Mistress, may i cum... oh god... Mistress pleaaaaaase'

Pinching the sluts swollen clit hard, Melita replies 'No you may not slut, not yet.' Rolling the hardened little nub between Her fingers, She winks to Markum... He grabs the girls hair and forces her head back sharply. He drops the cane to the floor, running His rough hands over the fresh stripes on her ass, causing her to jerk in the chains.

Grinding down on the vibrator in her ass, and onto her Mistresses fingers, chrysana closes her eyes shut tight.. trying to control her body's reactions. Melita curls Her fingers inside Her pet's pussy, Her nails scratching maddeningly along the girls pussy wall. 'Please Mistress, i can't hold on... may i cum for You PLEASE.'

Pulling Her hands away from Her slut quickly, She stands back... chrysana's eyes open immediately, seeking out her Mistress. Markum's hands move down her ass further.. tugging on the vibrator sunk deep in her ass.. the sensations increasing as the toy is moved inside her. Melita moves back, grabbing the chair from the corner of the room.... placing it some 4ft away in front of Markum and the girl.

Seating Her as She was before, She nods to Markum.. He lets go of her hair, grabbing both her wrists in one strong hand, Unclipping the cuffs from the chains overhead with the other. He pushes her down to the ground in front of her Mistress. Melita rests one booted foot on Her slut's shoulder, leaning forward and raising the girls chin with a finger, making her meet Her gaze.

Melita lowers Her voice slightly, 'pet, I want you to show Markum and I what a good lil cum whore you are, after you have serviced us both... you will be granted permission to cum.. understood?' Chrysana's eyes brighten up, 'yes Mistress.. thank You Mistress' she replies. Melita reaches across, and pulls Her slut's leash from the table, clipping it to the thick black leather collar at Her girls throat.

Tugging on it hard, She parts Her legs... slowly bringing Her skirt up as well, chrysana crawls between her Owners thighs, licking her lips... unable to wait to be able to taste her Mistress again. Sighing softly, she inhales the scent of her Owner, a purr escapes her throat. Nuzzling into her Mistresses warm soft folds, she lowers her head, placing her tongue at the entrance to Melita's pussy. Licking gently, she gathers up the juices that have already begun to gather.. running her tongue up she circles her Mistresses clit with her tongue, flicking softly.

Melita tilts Her head back slightly, watching with a smile as Markum stands behind Her girl, slowly stroking His hand up and down the length of His cock. Nodding to Him to continue with Their plans, She watches as He kneels down behind the girl. Tugging the vibrator out of Her girl, chrysana raises her head, letting out a soft moan of disappointment. Melita tugs hard on the leash, focusing Her slut's attention once more.

Markum grabs the girls hips in His hands, steadying her before sinking the full length of His cock into her firm round ass. Growling deep in His throat, as her hot ass envelops His cock. Pausing briefly, He allows her to adjust to Him. Chrysana moves back a little, opening herself to Him fully. He slowly pulls back, until just the head of His thick cock is pulling on her opening. Melita grabs a handful of Her girls hair, forcing her deeper into Her dripping wet pussy, the sight of Her slut getting fucked exciting Her all the more.

Markum builds a rhthym, pushing His length all the way into her, His hips slamming into her ass. The room echoes with the sounds of the three of them. Chrysana's body slowly building up to climax once more, she brings up one hand, pushing two of her fingers into her Mistresses pussy. simultaneously pushing with her fingers and flicking Her clit with her tongue.

Melita feels Her own orgasm begin to overtake Her, She holds Her slut against Her hard, grinding Her hips down onto the girls tongue and fingers... Her breathing hard and fast as Her body releases itself, Her juice drenching her sluts fingers and face... Her slut continues to lick Her, gathering up all the cum that She has flooded. Reaching down underneath the girl, She pinches one nipple between Her nails, tugging on it hard.

Markum grabs the girls hair, slamming Himself into her ass... His own orgasm filling His balls, as they slap against the girls pussy... making her clit pulsate all the more. Melita pulls the leash, yanking her slut up, changing the feeling of her ass on His cock... leaning close to Her slut's ear whispering to her 'do you want to cum whore? hmmm is He fucking you hard enough? make Him cum, pet... be My good lil cum slut.'

Markum bucks into her.. holding her hips to His, as His cum spurts deep into her ass.. He reaches around her body, dipping His fingers into her cunt, pinching and rubbing her hardened clit as He continues to slam His cock into her body. Chrysana raises her head, her eyes meeting her Mistresses, her voice husky with lust as she whispers ' please Mistress, may Your whore cum, pleaaaaaaaaaaase?'

Melita cups Her girls breast and squeezes hard, leaning down into her again... 'you may slut, cum for Me baby.' Chrysana screams her orgasm out, her ass clenching down on Markums cock, trapping Him inside her, as her muscles pulsate hard on Him, His cock spurting into her ass once more. As the tides of her orgasm subside, He pushes her off Him, collapsing back onto the floor, breathing heavily as He smirks to Melita.

She grabs Her girls hair and pulls her head back... kissing her deeply... and whispers 'very good My little cum slut, very good indeed.'

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