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Velvet•Vᵰᵯpᵻress (Velvet, Vampiress)
Female - 44 years old, 8th Circle of Hell, Australia
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single

Posted: 2009-02-09 10:32:02 am Category General Viewed 21 times Likes 0
Looking in through the fog-hued window, Joseph watches the woman he has a childish obsession with. Elisabeth sits in front of the roaring fire, raven dark hair cascading down her bare alabaster shoulders; she senses someone watching her, looks up at the lounge window and sees Joseph’s shadow. Leaping from the chair she runs to the door and pulls it open to find Joseph already standing there, puffing from the effort to beat her. Elisabeth smiles at him, an evil glint in her eyes. “What the fuck are you doing here at this time Joseph?” He pauses not understanding the anger in her voice through the smile. “I wanted to make sure you were ok by yourself Elisabeth there are some whack jobs out around here you know. I care about you enough to wonder how you were.” Elisabeth sighs, sick of the boy in a man’s body. “I’m fine Joseph, well you’re here now…. Do you want a coffee?” Joseph walks in, his arm gently brushing her breasts, the friction causing her nipples to instantly harden. Cursing her body’s reaction to the inane touch, she closes the door behind them; moving through the house to the kitchen she flicks the switch for the electric kettle, picking up two smallish cups “maybe if I give him a small one he won’t stay so long” she thinks to herself. Waiting for the whistle, she leans forward watching him settle his self on the chair closest to the fire, the one he had been watching her sit in. She shudders knowing that she should never have let him into her house. Her husband is out of town on a business trip, Joseph is his foreman, 6ft 4, average to well built, black hair, blue eyes and 250 lbs. He scares her in a delicious way. She is oddly attracted to him, and she knows that she would have no chance to resist him. She smiles, picturing him wrapping his powerful arms around her, pulling her slim body against his. His lips slowly moving towards hers, she laughs and pretends to pull away from him, he just holds her tighter, his hands sliding down her back to her ass, cupping it. The kettle whistles, breaking her from her dream. She jumps finding Joseph standing in front of her, watching her with an odd sort of smile. She blushes, knowing that he knows she was caught up in her musings. “Well that thought seemed a bit intense Elisabeth I heard you moaning from the lounge, thought something was wrong… but it’s not is it Elisabeth? Just what were you thinking about?” She pushes him away a bit, turning back around to the kettle, filling each cup and handing him his. She walks back to the lounge and takes her previous chair. Staring as she walks away, Joseph’s eyes linger on her ass, the slight sway that always comes so natural for her, turns him on to no end. He follows her into the lounge, taking a seat opposite her. His long legs stretched out in front of him barely touching hers. He smiles softly seeing her gaze drift up his body, he knows she desires him as much as he desires her, but he is confused as to why she wants to hide it from him. “Maybe its that husband of hers,” he thinks to himself. He sits up in his chair, thick forearms resting on his lean muscular thighs, watching her. He reaches out one hand and places it on her leg, gripping slightly. He hears Elisabeth’s sharp intake of breath and laughs softly. He watches her face as her eyes close loving the feel of him on her. He runs his hand up her thigh edging ever closer to her cunt, the top of his hand brushing against the lacy material blocking it. He slips two fingers behind the material feeling her shaved, moist skin and knows she is getting excited by him. Hooking the two fingers he pulls the panties away and down her legs.  
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