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Her Master's Whim

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Velvet•Vᵰᵯpᵻress (Velvet, Vampiress)
Female - 45 years old, 8th Circle of Hell, Australia
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single

Posted: 2014-05-17 10:27:07 am Category General Viewed 28 times Likes 0

~~He walks into the room and smiles, seeing His girl tied to the wall on the far side of their room. Walking to her He pauses behind her, making sure her binds are tight and comfortable for her. Running His hand up her right thigh He hears her whimpers begging Him to touch her wet cunt. His fingertips trail excruciatingly slowly over her pussy lips, making her push back against them. Trish moans loudly around the ball gag Tony had shoved into her mouth, desperate for Him to sink His rough fingers into her. Tony laughs softly and lowers His fingers, pinching her clit hard whispering to her "not yet my wench, not yet." He removes His fingers and slaps her rounded ass as He turns to the wall cupboard and looking through the collection of toys all lined up neatly.

He selects a particularly nasty flogger, Tony smiles as He runs His hand down the tails feeling the weight in each and knowing that it will leave fantastic lines on His wench’s ass. Moving back over to her He reaches out rubbing her delectable ass warming the pale flesh slightly, stepping back and to her left He casually begins to bring the heavy leather down repeatedly onto her rear. He watches with unabashed delight as the flesh goes to a light pink then to a rosy red, He stops as He hears her groans increase with each lash upon her skin. Placing the flogger back on its hook and takes down one of her vibrators, He runs it up and down her lips soaking it with her juices before slowly pushing it deep into her.

Tony teases Trish's clit feeling her body begin to shudder, He stops pulling His hand away from her wet pussy bringing His hand up into her hair. Wrapping His fingers around the long cocoa tresses He pulls down sharply forcing her head back, looking deeply into her sapphire blue eyes as a wicked grin creases His lips. He releases the eyelets suspending her body to the wall, holding her warm body close to His, guiding her to a kneel at His feet. He removes the ball gag from her mouth leaving it to hang around her alabaster throat. Trish leans forward kissing her Masters thigh, softly begging Him "Master, please fuck Your girl, use her, allow her to please You." He removes the ball gag from around her throat placing it on the shelf beside the cupboard. He wraps His fingers in her hair again pulling her head back as He leans down and places a rough lingering kiss on her crimson lips.

Tony looks down at the girl while removing his pants, she sits at his feet. Then he is saying quietly to her, "Lick My cock, my little wench". Leaning forward slightly Trish parts her full crimson lips, her tongue snakes out, gently licking the tip of His cock, circling it slowly before she moves her head down further. She wraps her lips around His shaft, drawing Him into her mouth more, her tongue and mouth wetting His cock as she pushes her head down more, enveloping Him slowly. His pulsating manhood fills her mouth, down her ever expanding throat. Tony moans loudly, enjoying His sluts’ ministrations on His thick, hardening cock, the heat of her throat delighting Him. Desire courses throughout His body, as He places a hand each side of her head Trish tenses slightly knowing what He has in mind.

She tries to relax as Tony pushes His pelvis forward forcing His throbbing cock down her throat, gripping her head to stop her from pulling back. He grins devilishly feeling His slut begin to gag and struggle against the intrusion down her throat. He pulls out allowing her to suck in a few short, ragged breaths, before moving one hand to the back of her head and placing the other on His stiff cock, stroking it lightly before putting it to her lips again. Guiding it into her hot mouth He pushes her head down around His meat, slipping down her throat once again. He pulls back a few inches, and then shoves it back down the silky softness that had enclosed Him, feeling her gag hard, then warm saliva swirl around His shaft. He continues fucking her throat, after several strokes He pulls out again. Wrapping His large hand around His cock slowly stroking up and down its length as He releases her, motioning for her to stand and move to the horse in the centre of the room.

Following her, Tony waits until she is bent over it, then bending down He locks her ankles into place, laughing softly as He sees her squirm. Trish slowly moves against the horse, feeling the wooden frame against her pussy, sending soft shockwaves of pleasure throughout her body. Tony stands behind Trish reveling in the sight of her inflamed ass, He reaches out removing the dildo buried deep within her. He chuckles softly to Himself hearing the moan issued from her lips. Aiming His cock towards her pussy, He slowly runs the head along her lips, wetting it and teasing her all in one movement. Trish grips the legs of the horse as she begs "Master, please use your slut, please Master, fuck me, pleaaaaaaas.....mmmmmmmm" her voice breaking off into a loud groan as Tony slaps her ass hard.

Tony slowly sinks His length into her velvety wetness, grabbing her hips in His hands pulling her body to Him as He pumps in and out. Trish's muscles contract pulling Him in deeper, holding Him inside her. He pulls out of her the tip of His cock tracing over her clit, causing Trish to cry out with desire. He reaches down to the table beside the horse, taking up the tube of lube, smearing some of the cool gel onto His cock, stroking it up and down greasing up His shaft. He dribbles some onto the ring of Trish's rectum, teasing the sensitive membranes gently with His thumb, slowly sinking His thumb into her ass lubing it up, before removing His thumb and pushing the head of His cock into her.

He moves into her gently, giving her time to adjust to the new intrusion, feeling her push herself up and down on the horse, sending wave after wave of pleasure through her body as the wood presses down on her hardened clit. He continues riding up into her, moaning deeply as the tight clasping ring of her rectum, pulls and milks His cock. Tony feels His own orgasm approaching, He reaches around Trish's hips, rubbing and pinching her clit making her cry out as she falls into a delicious wave of pure lust. Her body begins to tense and shudder pulling harder on His throbbing cock, He digs His nails into her flesh as He pushes deep into her ass, cumming again and again. He slumps down onto her, pinning her body to the horse. Spent.


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