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Simple Servitude

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Velvet•Vᵰᵯpᵻress (Velvet, Vampiress)
Female - 44 years old, 8th Circle of Hell, Australia
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single

Posted: 2014-05-17 10:27:54 am Category General Viewed 34 times Likes 0

~~Trish enters the barely lit room, crossing to where she sees His shadow. Kneeling in front of Him, she lowers her body to the soft carpet below, her arms outstretched above her head, fingertips splayed either side of His boots. Her right cheek rests upon the floor as she awaits His command. Leaning forward, with His elbows resting on His knees, Tony watches her, as she stays in the typical prostrated position, she greets Him in. Reaching down with one hand, He strokes the bare skin of her back gently, then up into her long, dark tresses, wrapping His fingers around some of the strands He tugs, His signal for her to kneel displaying herself for Him.

Rising swiftly, she parts her tender thighs, displaying her freshly shaved pussy, arching her back slightly, lifting and offering her full, soft breasts to Him. Nodding His approval, He traces a fingertip down her collared throat over her right breast and down her stomach, feeling her shiver beneath His touch He lets out a small laugh. Pulling His hand away He sits back in His chair, looking at the girl at His feet, He motions her closer. Raising herself a little, Trish inches forward on her knees, her naked body pressed between His legs. Placing His hands on the arm of the chair, He says low and evenly, "Undress me, as you tell me about your day, my little wench."

Trish’s fingers slowly undo the buttons of her Masters shirt, her voice barely audible as she briefly tells Him of her day. Pushing the luxurious material back from His chest, Trish’s fingertips lightly dance over His tanned skin, leaning forward Tony allows her to remove the shirt completely, casting it aside Trish’s hands move down His body to His pants. Slowly and carefully she pops open the button, lowering the zipper, freeing Tony's hardening cock. Raising His hips Tony has her take off the black denim jeans fully. Standing up before her, He offers Trish His hand; her slender fingers lay gently in His palm.

Pulling her up, He guides His girl to the dungeon down the hall, pushing open the door, He holds it open for her, and quickly she enters, going to the small cupboard to the left of the entry, tugging it open she removes six large candles and a book of matches. Setting them on the low shelves around the room she goes back lighting each one, to create a warm golden glow. She walks back to her Master, standing silently before Him, her head bowed slightly in submission to His dominance over her. Tony pulls her into His strong arms, holding her tight, moaning as He feels her hardened nipples crush against His chest, increasing His own growing desire.

Releasing her, He walks over to the far wall, motioning for Trish to follow. Turning her around to face him, He sinks to one knee before her, wrapping the leather ankle restraints around her slim ankles, securing them with small quick release locks. Kissing up her body, Tony grasps her wrists, guiding them to the stocks fitted above her head. He smiles softly watching the girl stretched out before Him, He removes the collar wrapped about her throat, and then reaching down beside Him He picks up one of her large vibrators, tracing it along her pussy lips, getting it lubricated with her juices, He gradually pushes it into her, listening to the soft moans escaping her parted crimson lips. He says low into her ear.

"You must hold that in all the way, my little wench, if you don't you will be punished for three consecutive days." Trish’s eyes widen, knowing the punishment Tong has in mind, and nodding to Him she whispers a soft "Yes Master." Removing His hand from her pussy, He lets His thumb sweep quickly over her clit, laughing as the sensation sends a shudder through Trish’s body. Retrieving something Trish cannot discern from the shelf closest to Him, Tony moves to Trish’s right, running His hand over her full breast, cupping it as He lowers His head, His tongue snakes out, taking the hardened flesh into His mouth, sucking it gently adding a soft bite. Releasing her nipple He brings up a pair of nipple clamps, stifling a moan Trish closes her eyes trying to block the coming attack on her body out of her mind.

A sharp pinch flows through her body, biting down on her lower lip she stops a scream before it moves through her lips. Tony smiles wickedly seeing her squirm in her bonds, tracing fingertips over the chain connecting the clamps He tugs down slightly, watching intently as Trish tries to move down with the force from the pulling on her nipples. Undoing the snap locks on the stocks, He takes her hands in His, kissing them softly, as He leans down unlocking the locks at her ankles, putting a hand in her hair, He pulls her to the spanking bench. Knowing what is coming Trish kneels upon the leather, her elbows on the upper bench her head lowered between her arms.

Reaching beneath her, Tony grasps the chain attached to her full breasts, placing it in the hook on the front of the bench. The sight of her nipples being stretched pleases Him, making His cock harden more so. He walks to the cupboard to the left of the door, fetching out her special collar and leather leash, affixing the collar to her slender alabaster throat, He clips on the leash. Throwing the leather over her shoulder, He walks back around her His hand rubbing the flesh of her ass, remembering the bright red it turns after these play sessions. Taking a purple 80 fall flogger from the wall He slowly starts peppering her rounded ass watching as the pale flesh turns pink with each stroke.

Hearing her soft whimpers as each stroke rains down upon her ass excites Him, knowing she can't control herself for much longer He takes a heavy leather slapper from the wall, placing the flogger back up alongside the others, moving to her right, Tony places a hand on the small of Trish’s back, bringing the hard leather down across her backside feeling her jump with each blow, He watches still as the pink of her flesh turns a beautiful, bright red. Stopping, Tony moves behind her, removing the still pulsating vibrator from her dripping pussy, dropping it to the table beside the bench.

Gripping her wide hips in His hands, Tony places His cock at her pussy, feeling Trish push back trying to envelop Him in her deep velvet wet walls. Sliding His stiff cock against her lips, hearing her pleading with Him "Master, please... please fuck your wench, please Master.... ohhhhhh please." Gripping the leather leash in His hands, He pulls back, making His slave lean back with it, forcing her nipples to stretch against the clamps, hearing her scream as the fire builds in her nipples, He shoves His cock fully into her, groaning as her sweetly dripping pussy widens for Him, pulling against Him. One of His hands reaching below her, He takes one of her nipples in His fingertips, rolling it gently, feeling her body shudder beneath Him, knowing she's not going to last for too much longer, nor in fact will He.

Pumping into her, He swears lowly, enjoying her velvet like walls around His long pulsating cock. Pulling her head back further with the leash, He pushes into her deeply, holding Himself deep within her as His seed begins to flow. Feeling Trish’s body jerk at the same time, hearing her soft whimpers knowing that the fire in her has erupted as His has. Slowly sliding out of her pussy, He strokes her back, and her ass feeling the heat radiating into His palm. Removing her collar and leash He drops them to the floor, leaning down taking His wench's face in His hands, kissing her deeply. "Very good my slut-ling”, he says softly, “very good indeed!"