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The End Begins or How I blew up a Chatroom Pt 1

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Chapter 10

The End Begins or How I blew up a Chatroom Pt 1 

As the day came closer to Jyps for the big move she had to “strengthen” her self,
So she thought getting drunk would help. That made her more closed up.

Now the after Big Party Lunch all was set in motion for the trip and with Street taken over for the party to Streets Condo.
Fri Sage and Dog landed and Shagg & Street picked them up and headed out.
Sightseeing first of course, not to show Shagg’s house, but your general normal tourist stuff. Then off for supplies and off to party…..

Jyps was still at the office and packed and ready to go, we chatted both in the room and on messenger. She told me she probably wont stay long, just to party for a couple of hours. Off she went and I went back to cup for a while.

The room was hoppin that nite and we were all waiting for the group nic to arrive.
People came and went as the night went on and they the Group showed up.
Gave the run down of who was there Sage, Dog, Street, Shagg, Dazed aka Billy and Jyps.. And off to the races as they say…

So while everyone was partying  they logged on to messenger and cammed a few of us.So Jyps called me and we talked as she cammed , Dog comes over and  starts typing : “Hey Jon, man your woman is hot. Do you mind if I Fuck her ?” . J/k he typed.. and my reply : I don’t think so…. And they all were chuckling  even behind him.
Then they logged out  and life went on.

So the next day was a Saturday, we normally touch based when she got up on messenger. With the time change I was already working. Not a bing. When she logged on she marked herself away with an odd banner…  #@!$%#@ .. So when she finally “came too” she explained she drank a tad too much and ended up stayin there till late.
She managed to get home alright but was really hung over and we could chat later, off she went.
The day ended and by this time I was living with my mother across town and my landlord let me use the shower next door in the empty apt so I would stay at my salon some nights, more on my 24/7 online run later….
So that night  it was take out and hang out in the room and surf as well.
When she showed up she was “different”, sometimes in chat it’s the rhythm of typin
That can set a tone. Something I picked up in the early days of Hosting.

She wasn’t up for whispering so we just chatted in the room. The group showed up they were all exhausted a busy day and  they all got up late. But hung out for a while and left the nic open…. I imagined Jyps was whispering Dog or on messenger with him, again her typin could give her away..

Sage and Dog had a nice collection of photos that they wanted posted in the Community,, a total of 91…problem was they sent 92