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The Confrontation

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Chapter 13

The Confrontation 

After I stepped back for a few days I got more not upset, it wasn’t hurt, more like having been lied to. This certainly not a “freak” thing. More like Pre planned from the start.
The pieces started to unwind after Billy and I spoke. He said he suspected by their behavior when Jyps arrived. The bar already had her brand of drink there, and it was as if they had spoken in a way Billy put it.
This plus the pictures and the lunch all made sense.. Another chatter from No Strings was with them at the luncheon. A friend of Streets who she knew for yrs ( he wouldn’t allow his name to be uses ) also told me what he overheard between Shagg and Jyps.

So now the confrontation. 

Jyps moved durin this time back to Dan to play “house”. So we chatted mainly on messenger. At this time I was still livin across town with mom. She meet Jyps when we went to Nyc she came to visit my aunt in jersey. Jyps even stayed at her house when she arrived.
For those u who arent aware my mother use to chat sit for me.
She would come to my salon and help out. And when I was workin she would sometimes watch MC3… she would bring me notes from ppl..
I had to tell her not to whisper men Especially Vestor.. and Do not give him my number.
So I decided to go to her place  and left and headed there. I left my nic cupped.
Jyps got insanely drunk and came into the room and  was rambling. Dog started openly flirtin with her and Sage was annoyed. She kicked Dog.. Jyps got more  indigent and  it got to the point where BadCompany kicked her. When she returned she went for him and he Banned her for 24 with a Sober Up message .
Yes I still have the screen shots and dialog sent to me b4 I even got to work.
Meanwhile I had a long phone chat with Jane, she was  helpful even in her own way. I appreciated it now lookin back.
The moment  came and we typed on messenger.
Now when Dan busted her, her excuse was she was “confused “ about herself being which was why he agreed to the separation.
So she couldn’t Very well use that one on me . Now I new Dog have told her of my chat with him, but she played it kewl and didn’t mention anything. 
So she said when she got there she hadnt had anything to eat  since lunch we started drinkin and  well by the time I ate I was already woozy.
Then some idiot was blowin his horn in the parking lot. Street looked out and it was the Annoyin “Mayor” of the condo. And it appeared Jyps parked in his spot and would she mind if she moved it. Or let  someone else do it . Dazed offered she was no “Hey Shane  why don’t u come, I need a big strong guy just in case LOL “ and off they went.
So stickin to Shanes’s story of how  they were both so drunk. We talked  for awhile then Shane leaned over and kissed me . Jon, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what got into me .. and I typed Other than Shane’s penis jumpin over your console and into your pants huh?
Cause that’s pretty much how he explained it too…
Well not  so uhmm graphic but yes..
Ok I said ill give you that for now.
Now the luncheon are you sayin this wasn’t a “planned” event ?
No why do u Even think that.. So I asked her would she like to read it  or just let me give her a brief synopsis from what my files reads that was given to me.
Now she gets  nervous .. a ton of backspacing. Well she said  to be honest. ( gee wut a concept) it was discussed, but it was more like  since Shagg was hooked up and Dog wasnt I could “baby-sit “ since well they knew how I felt about you . so that’s y u saw me in those pic near him.
So I questioned her about one and send it to her  with a red circle.
Ok it was a hand… Which again lead to more backspacin…
I still held back on the 8 hours…
Her reply I don’t know what to say…
I said unlike Dan I’m not as understandin I guess.. 
Part of her deal when movin back home, she suggested I might “date” since she wills b havin to perform her wifely duties.  My reply was I’m fine, I still have to sort things here. Well I worry about your needs.. and I told her my needs are fine. Remember  my non gender in chat is by choice, since sex isnt a thought for me…and left it at that.

So now the moment  of the lost time ..
So you said you got home around 9 am from Streets, “Yes, and fell asleep till 2ish “

So im I have a moment of thought  u might say (Not). I’m 4 hours ahead of her so if 6 were 9.. I was already in the chat room b4 she even woke up… so I new she wasnt home yet. When they cammed the room messenger we set up they said Shane was still passed out. Well ok then cept I happened to b on a break at around 1230 and I was in my office. And what should  appear a person tip toein across the room Dressed like they were the night b4 ? Need a hint ???
What has four legs, green teeth and is 6 ft tall ? and has been known to howl..
At this point of it all I was lookin for was the truth. I was not “pissed” “upset”
Well upset at bein lied too … and yet 

By this time Sage and Dog opened MC4 and  of course used the  doormat to post things about 3 Exiling them. Jane told them they had to leave b4 Jon gets  really seriously which Dog laughed.. 
By this time I had  been givin enuff evidence that  I sent Jane a copy of the letter I wrote to the Kansas Child Protective Services at the State level and the Atty Gen. ..  Photos included on Cd. Needless to say that trumped  his decision to leave quietly.

Back to Jyps, So she new it was over but tried to justify it all.
She had already  purchased a ticket for Dog to come out, again, unknown that I already new this.
I finally told her it was over. And if she thinks she can continue playin this game I would inform Dan.  When we would email she use to complain about my early typin skills.
And she would edit and  when hers came back we did  dialogs  she would space out her replies to the topic. 
These were all saved in a folder (No Kook not on my hard drive).
Some were  about her home life etc and how she would  when Dan would go out to sea. He was  a Coast Guard who went to sea sometimes for 6 months. While out to sea b4 chat, she  managed the money. So she did 900 numbers for a while to satisfy her needs. Or have brief affairs.. Then she found Chat and well here we are….
So she said she has decided she will stay with Dan ( ok to get her back her got her a 2 karat diamond, trip to San Fran and Hawaii, to get the spark back cha ching) and  continue with Dog… So I gave her a choice She owed Dan the truth,that was Their Deal upon movin home. She said that was her business not mine   I said maybe but he deserves the truth.
This was were it got hostile I told her if she didn’t I would ( I had all his emails and numbers ) and her words were if I recall : If YOU FUCKIN DARE….ill destroy you..
So I said I’ll give u a week to consider coming clean on everything to be fair. About the same time b4 the party she had to tell me b4 it happened.. well one week less.

So instead of exceptin this she would post her messenger with messages to me, we would use our  banner to send Inspiring thoughts .. again lookin back it was like a teenage love affair… we exchanged Everything that’s what hurt the most. 
Were they all lies ? What was really true? 

After the end of the week she came to me and said she had come to her decision. Her ,Dan and for now Shane.. and there isnt anything really you can do about it. When she  married Dan she made him give up his own kids for her. So she had him where she wanted..
So I said  Ok and sent her a copy of the letter I had constructed for Dan.
Names Dates and all the party info… Now just as this tail has been previewed by my “editor” any correspondence I had proofed by  two ppl I trust with my thoughts before sendin any of the documents. They supported my decision.
Her reply was again “Do Not Fuck with My Family Life”.
Well Dan had two email acct’s and since she had his  Hotmail passwords, work was the better option.. Who knew it was a Gov’t acct. I certainly didn’t.. 
So maybe I should  explain how that works huh ?
Apparently when you email someone who works say for a private company which deals with the Gov’t all emails are scanned by the Foreman. And its a main server so anyone can access it he allows it….
So  in this case he printed it out and put in an envelope photos included ( forgot to mention that huh) and set it on his desk and leaned over  and whispered You might to read this alone .. I got an earful when she called me to well get it off her chest ( did I mention my tattoo of my rose is from hers she has 11 over her breasts ) every detail then she hung up. She seemed annoyed  all I say was You dared me….