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The Aftermath

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Chapter 14 

The Aftermath

After the infamous email Jypsy disappeared for a week or at least that nic did.
Dog & Sage, Dazed and DontGiveaRatsazz were all sittin in MC4 with an occasionally surfer or two..
Havin been talked to by a few about the email and how  I should maybe  step back for a while. Let the dust settle.
One of the things  Jypsy and I use to discuss was honesty, since that was something we  had in common ( or so I thought) about our relationships with our spouses.
We also discussed the What if’s. What if was a game we toyed with of the future and the possibilities. Some major ones were Trust,Understanding and Communication 
The last  bein the most important one .
I received an email from her tryin to put her side out while expressing disbelief on how I had the balls to email Dan. It was none of my concern what she and Dan were dealin with it all.
I sent her  my reply
A. based on previous emails apparently you misled me about your marriage, or was it more a Sell out. A 2-cravat diamond and a trip was more important than at least bein adult enough to at least be honest ?
B. you are right its not any of my business, however  I would not b who I am as a man
if I didn’t  at least warn something that they were being used. 

And last your true nature has been exposed so perhaps what  was really the  truth was your 3rd marriage want about  “love” well more  like love of money than emotion.

In closin you might want to keep in mind all you have proven is that you are willin to b a whore and use Dan for expenses just to have sex …..
I sent her a song called Birdcall Morning  there’s a passage I included to her 
I don't know, she makes me think I do
Comin' in, she comes again
She breaks ice, but she don't fall through
To the birdcall morning

And then the storm is upon me
And my ship is blown to sea
Would you show me birdcall morning?
Set me free, set me free
and said  fly away now  

Meanwhile the room seemed to b startin to dismantle and some left  the Internet some wandered.. Others found life outside.
It was during this time I started  to have to make decisions about  the upcomin divorce
And  if I was goin to stay. California was still on the table but the distance issue was a problem if I wanted to also keep contact with my son.

Rhonda moved to Ga. To build on what she and Bad aka Dave had and don’t you any Got married and are now retired Happily on the shores.

Lizzy met someone of serious intent and never said anything to us about it.
She had been burned already after her return for L.A.  She moved to live with him.
She had a goin away party on Long Island that’s when NyChick and I met for the first time, been friends ever since. As are Lizzy, Rhonda, Dave, Dazed, Melody and many many more friends I have made here.
That was also when I met the infamous whisperer Vestor aka LilVestor. When I would bring HollyCould out to play Vestor would Always whisper her.
“Holly can you send me a thong pleaseeeee” n I would reply: Vestor it’s me Jon..
He would say I no but her pic makes me crazy.. Some had issues with him I found him quite charming in reality to be honest.

Around this time for some the reality of life started to come about and chatters drifted some found homes in other chatrooms. Other’s kept in touch on messenger. 
Msn was also goin thru some changes and was chargin for chat.
I had the famous Gates deal so it was always free so I stayed.
It was around this time Melody suggested this idea to me to perhaps put down my thoughts….

So blame her ….