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The End Begins the Move Home

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Chapter 12

The End Begins the Move Home

Jyps seem more and more distant as she packed to move home, her drinkin increase and she was evasive about her time. Shagg and Sage seemed to also be having issues, now that Sage got his wallet. Rumors began to appear from friends who I new from other rooms about seein Jyspy using her Wings nic in some rooms along with Dog. So I did what any red blooded curious person would do and used one of my unknown profiles changed my time and went lurkin….  
So using find a friend I found her and him in a General room and interestingly not chatting in the room. So I screen shot the room and save it. Within minutes I got a Im on messenger from her all bubbly she said she ran later for work due to traffic and we chatted for a while then I had to go to work as she did and she said she would b back. Since my computer was in my office I could monitor the room and others (hence the cup dwelling ). 
Time zones bein wut they r I was 4 hours ahead so her coffee break was more like lunch time here and If was with a client she would usually chat in MC3… however she cupped lettin her presence known but more than likely was surfin about.
Sage had givin Shagg the brush off and he would whine in No Strings. It was there he went back to whisperin his former g/f, who was still not only pissed but embarrassed by how he handled his pronouncement in the open room let me make a true azz and  let him explain. Not only did he expalin but went on to tell her about the party at Streets’ in detail.
So she copied it put in a word doc and mystically was found in someone’s messenger.

By this time  things were adding up and becomin more clear so I confronted her not on messenger or email. I called her at work while we were on messenger. I blocked my number when I called and at the same time loaded the screenshot on messenger.
So as we talked and I mentioned Shagg’s confessional moment I hit enter and asked her to explain this please.
She broke down in tears and said I’m sorry Jon I cant right now I just cant and hung up.
Now if you recall the Navy Pier when Dan was in the lobby and he confronted her, one of the earliest things I picked up on in chat , was rhythm typin. You change your nic but u cant change certain responses or typin. You  as they say about leopards and spots… some Habits r harder to not replay then others.
So I did the next best thing I made a private room and invited Swirl Lizzy Sassy and few others who I trusted with my passwords and  told them what I thought was goin down. I pasted what  I had  gotten from my sources Well Swirl ( she was the one who was responsible for Jypsy meeting and me ) went totally ballistic Arkansas temper. They asked me how I was goin to deal with it since Jypsy wouldn’t admit anything or discuss it. I said confront Dog and if they didn’t mind  in the Open room..  Not surprisingly they said  go for it .
I called Jane then and told her so she asked if before I did that let her talk to Dog. So I agreed, after she spoke to him and he denied it she returned my call to tell me .
So when I received said Document it also included  Shagg’s phone number ( home) addy ( Laguna Beach ) Albertson’s  produce mangers number and the store number. So instead of confronting Dog I went another route.
I called Shagg at home, when he was working. Wifey ( aka moneybags) answered the phone and I asked for  Michael (Shagg). She said he wasn’t home atm and could she help me? So I said I was  an old friend and was lookin to talk to him.
Well what’s your name I know all of his friends. So I said Jon, to which she replied He doesn’t know anyone name of Jon.Are you sure you have the right Michael? So I gave her his stats and said no problem ill call back when he is home and hung up.
Within  10 mins I get a call from Jane.  “Jon what did you do ? I had Michael on the phone in tears You Called his House ?’ and I replied  : And ?…  
“Have you gone completely insane ?
No why do u ask
Jon his wife wanted to know who u were.
I told her.
Jon I told you let me deal with this you not in the right state of mind to deal with this atm.
So I said ok and made my next move… this is were Des enters the picture. .he  stumbled into my whisper and said  Jane mentioned it to her , they were an item. He said may I sure  something with you ?
Sure and he asked for my email. So I gave him it and he said to check it plz and  closed the whisper.
Well in my email Des sent me  2 photos of Sage . One nude and one in her schoolgirl outfit spread eagle 
Which somehow made it to the Kansas Child Protection State Dept. .The nude showed her kids playin in the background.  She did have nice tits I will admit. Silicone I would say and of course no stretch marks Foster kids tend to do that for ya.
So again Jane called Dog called me back and said he would like to talk to me and gave me his number. 
So I said ok ill give him a call. But first I thought I would Shagg the right to explain to me  first. 
So I called him at work. Ever hear the fear of death on the phone ? He stuttered a few times and asked if he could call me back? Sure I said if you don’t call me back in less than 10 mins I can just call the Wife  if you like. I happen to in my collection  92 pics Im sure she would love to see and hung up….
Fifteen mins later he called from a payphone LOL.. 
“Jon why are you doin this to me ?”
I only have one  simple question..
What ?
What happened with whom 
“Jon I cant I just cant ..
Ok then I can and hung up..
He must of called Dog in a panic as well as Jane.. Which was when Dog called me.
If I recall it went like this :
Jon man clam down please, apparently he  didn’t Quite no wut I new . Shagg didn’t have to say a word.
To which I said calmly and  as causally as I could 
Shane I know you slept with Jypsy the question more importantly was Did you Not think I would  not find out ?
Jon please  please it  well just happened man we were all drinkin ya no..
And some idiot parked and needed to get out and Jypsy had to move her car..
So I didn’t want her to go out in the dark alone man so I tagged along..
Well we were in her car and had to wait for the moron to move, and well one thing lead to another. Next thing we were naked in her car  Honest..
Now this is were it gets  well (thinks of a word to put here), back when I went to Corinna I recall riding in her car. Grand Am Sports model black leather interior and could screw… MPH’s not as in fuck…
So I mention that to him .. again Calmly.. Now this is the best if not the Greatest line  I’ve ever heard to  describe the act of Fucking ….. 
Disclaimer : Warning what you are about to read you might consider  havin a napkin ready

Jon made  all I did was kiss her ( think Kevin Kosner in Silverado) and all of sudden we were  well fucking  . 
So I asked him : So what you are sayin is that somehow your Penis  Jumped out and hoped over her console shift and it landed inside her ?
But wait before you confirm this  
Did you see how tall she is ? And we no how tall you are .. Her fuckin seat had to b so far up just for her to touch the pedals  You couldn’t Fit Azzhole.
Ok now I guess it’s time to come completely clean  if you recall I said Dazed attend the Party and  he is seen in many photos except  a few boudoir photos.. beach  party etc. Yet not anywhere to b seen in those.. Wonder why  oh could have been he was out on the  balcony drinkin ? Yah he was  a picture proves it .
Did you know when you send a photos you can check its time stamp ? Old geek taught me that trick..
Not to mention Billy and I go so far back that his fancy azz nic was made for him on the third day I new him ÐazęđnĆøñfuşėđ™  by me. 
Billy is  one of my closet and dearest friends he knows as much about me as I do he . Our love is and alwys b there and there and will be in Nothing either of us would ever hold back on…..
We spoke upon Dog’s return home and before I disclosed  knowin anything. I owed Billy that.
Back to Dog’s call:
Dog : Jon made I swear it happened just like that  I mean man she did move the seat back .
And you know how beautiful and irresistible she could be. I couldn’t help it I was too drunk man and Im truly sorry..
So then I asked him  
So what you are sayin you moved her car and while waitin for the Moron to move , you were just chattin
Your Penis hopped out and well said  : Hi Jypsy may I hop over  and  just in your vagina  while we wait  ?
For 8 hours ? And he waits a second and responses  HUH ? Dog you were gone 8 hours……..must have been a big parking lot huh !! 
Jon,,,man we were so drunk really.. And wait you let her drive to a park? And Hung up 
Jane’s phone was really busy that day…
Me I decided maybe I should just perhaps relax and let things unfold..