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Chapter 11 The End Begins or How I blew up a Chatroom Pt 2

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Chapter 11

The End Begins or How I blew up a Chatroom Pt 2

Dog sent me the folder on Messenger; all 92 of them yes Ninety-Two. 
He “forgot” to remove the one  Jyps asked him too. (insert folder here),
Yes I still have them…. Something I learned Very early in hosting & assisting in our Community alwys save  Always…  as they say it might  cum to bite you, or solve an issue.

As those who have over the years takin a tour of my computers. Many who have stayed at the house were alwys free to browse.

“you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be misquoted and later used against you.”

An old  Chat quote but  oh so factual.

So the infamous party pic were opened and  I was in charge of postin them.
So I posted each and every one of them … Includin them all in one bed.
Shagg hugin Sage  on one side of the bed.. and  then Jyps and Dog on the other side.
Ok maybe I might have overacted a tad . I mean after all he did ask !! And who new wut was under the covers… Right ?
Ok except for one little minor thing….next to the bed in one corner was Streets’ dressin table was in the corner .. which hada fairly nice size mirror on it. 
So if you were to say look in the fairly good size mirror One might interpet all those clothes on the chair as  well maybe Streets a slob, yah lets go with that one.

Number 92 … the Opps pic.
There is this program I think its called photo shop and well one if they  have the skills could say Alter a photo somehow. Maybe draw a circle on a part of a photos ….
(insert a pic here ).. and perhaps send it to a friend on messenger.
Say one who was avoiding you kinda like Hi how you doin thing.
Just  a thought ………… Maybe  
Ok maybe I just happened to ……

So now  of course  everyone checked them out, I left out the shopped one and put the actually one in, I didn’t want to b accused of makin a Statement political or otherwise.
Everyone really enjoyed the daytime pics  of the Calif. Sighseein. One of my fav’s was Shagg kissing Sage a number of times and  the hand holdin was so sweet.. the love just over flowed .
Those really came in handy later on along with a few others.
Rumors started floatin about and within a few days Shagg was startin to get nervous Wifey was due home… and well Sage could b “needy”, she  was Very good  at role play too . Her schoolgirl was one  of the best online, kids in the background and all.
( I own a copy of that photo   more later on that ).
While this was goin on Jyps became more distant and had a number of “meeting” durin the work day , more than normal. She explianed it was a new project ..
So when I sent her the photo she  hada mild reaction… Not
First was where did u get that ? Second we were just goofing around.
Ok I said it was sent to me by Dog and  the goofin around would explain the your  top on the top of the pile of clothes circled got there……..
So she was silent for a few minutes then typed I’m sorry Jon it well just happened.. 
I left right after I was so ashamed…. And I’m truly sorry. All this moving  and  tryin to make how I’m goin to get thru it all. I fucked up.. Now I have to head home to pack.