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The MC3... Days

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MC3… was an interesting international chatroom; we had 12 golds & over 3000 members in our community so anyone who was a member in good standing got a brown hammer.
It was a fun room anytime of the days.. since everyone was hammered when a newbie came in it could be slightly intimatin ….  To say the least..
Dale was one of my oldest chat friends great guy. He was a plumber outside of Albany b4 he moved to Long Island for a time. He passed away after a while back.I could really make him laugh.. late at night sometime he would beg me to got Holly out… to be continued …. I recall the party at Lanie’s when his van was rockin in the driving but that’s a later segment.
This when Greybeard and I became friends were crossed chats in No Strings just after Carrie  took it over from Lacy. He was originally from Texas living in Pa by way of Oklahoma… He was an ordained minister of some Tx Baptist order but gave it up and he and his wife moved to Okla. It was there he got into chat with his wife. This was also where he encountered Jane in MC2 I believe it was…. He and his pal Ranger decided to have a party. Ranger and Jane had a “thing” so she came out to the party and this was were Grey got interested in Jane. The marriage  was pretty much over by this point. His wife met a guy online she left him for… 
He was so infatuated with her when she got back to Joisey he pursue her.
He came to Pa and visited and decided to move her with the intention of making  it  real.
However Jane was still married at the time getting ready to divorce hubby and was in ready for a “real” thing… well unless she was one  her other slices of pizza, more on  that later.
Lookin back now I realize when I first encountered Grey he was hiding out in other chatrooms to avoid her rejection and still be  able to chat. This won’t  be the last time he would disappear and took me along too LOL.

Jyps and I were goin closer each day it was an amazement what one can find to keep the strange feelings alive..
I learned how romance someone 
We would exchange what we called Mindspeak.
In email we would get deep into our own minds and share thoughts
Exchange poetry or our own poems.
Music was a strong bond. Lyrics would define our moods.
Since I used Cd’s at my Salon I amasses a collection (4000 cds)
So I would send her songs.
In return I owe a very impressive photo  collection LOL. Fair trade I think,now.

Since I worked late I saw morning chat and night chat…. To almost different worlds
Morning chat was always about  what the day was going to be like and all of us were at a Diner in some faraway world havin breakfast which other.
Daytime usually for the moms would were bored at home, workin ppl bored at work and then there were the addicted ones( Chat in the early days was the 4th largest addiction).
Was a woman from Balti. Katie 30s f married, she broke her husbands nose one night. He unplugged the monitor she flipped out and hit him with it> and We are takin Big Monitors not like this we use today.. He had her arrested and charged.
She had 5 MSN messengers full . They could hold 245 ppl do the math.

Back to Night Chat, end of the work day for the mornin ppl who could or would chat and unwind .. 
Could get  pretty rowdy, the interestin thing about the room we held the lowest boots in the area.
Lizzy use to go into I Can Piss You Off and they offered to host her  cause she could give as good as they could sometimes worst LOL. I would go in and tell them im just here to time check ..They were one of the first bot rooms.. They had auto kick on one of them for time check.. just you never knew which one .. they would laugh and let me go down the list.. it had a message countdown b4 they kicked u was great 

Some nites we would play games and such…
Grey and I would play what we called Hammer Toss
We would scroll the member list and take away a hammer and see how fast the other could  hammer them up…
Lizzy and I would play who could boot who faster….
This was in the /pass days for gold
I could kick the chit out of her  LOL
But then again she would alwys start it out of nowhere 
But the all time was favorite other than playin with the morons that would come in ….
Was the HollyCould nights or as Jane would say Pay No Attention to the Erotica its only a Game.. 
Holly was a character I created to put in no host rooms and troll for whispers.
I would copy and paste to the room and they would give me a reply to paste back….
Now Jane being a professional spit typer could bang out lines like no one.
When they would ask for my number someone would look up a Chinese restaurant and  give me the number for them.
She was alwys a hit….. 
One of our roomies Vestor a Ny 50s M would alwys whisper Holly and ask her what she was wearin and try to cyber her and I would say Vestor is me Jon.. 
He would reply all I want is her thong plz … When Lizzy moved to Fla. we have a little party that when I met NyChick in person and Vestor, Greeneyes. 
Lizzy I met at Lanie’s meet all the ny nj clan.. 
That was April 2004, I had just interviewed for my Amish job and b4 the big blowout.

Which brings me to here ….
So my marriage was over and I separated from my wife and moved to my mothers. 
And since my computer was at my salon and I had access to a shower some nites I would sleep at my salon, Which meant more time online.. this was Nov02.. a friend of mine heard I was getting divorced and offered me a place if I needed it, only thing it was in Los Angles. I wasn’t divorced yet so it was out of the question.
So in 03 that yr moved along and in April Grey surprised me with a visit. One of my friends started chatting BayGirl she was newly divorced 2 kids at home and I got her into chatting. Grey got to know her as a friend and came up to meet her and surprise me. We bonded right off. Well at this point in time Grey realized Jane was a no go and went into hiding which when he went to this Hook Up Ny Romance room and met some of the regs there.. basically local would whisper each other for a hook up that day but a few actually chatted.. So he enlisted me to help get it into some sort of room…. This was where I met Kelly and Sue who would end up in MC3… after the Ny room got a new owner who wanted to invoke her religious views on ppl.
So durin 03 Jyps got an offer to go to Chicago for work all company paid. So she wanted me to come out to met her . for 3 months we had a debate over it . I felt meeting would kill what we wasn’t a physical attraction as much as the spiritual was. And if we were to meet it will be for sex ,which I was ok with but new it would change, . We would play What if a lot. But she finally gave me an ultimatum met or we stop chatting. So I gave in.. Since I was the single one and flew out to Chicago.
As Lennon says in For the Benefit of Mr Kite .. A wonderful time will be had by all. And we surely did other than room service and few outings we never left the bed.
Ever have the feelin that you were being watch ?
 I left on tues b4 she did so we spent the last few hours at the airport she cried and said maybe we could do this a few times a yr like that movie ? I said I would think about it  and we departed….

Stay tuned