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Valuable Lesson Learned

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Posted: 2020-08-27 1:35:53 pm Category General Viewed 82 times Likes 1

Valuable Lesson Learned 

One of the most interesting things I have cum to realize in all of this  ……the fallout 
This place we all have cum to live in the chat room and what it is all about..
When I first encountered it and what it did for me and where it led me 
And where it has taken me too


The depths of which are overwhelming at times
We exchange deep thoughts of what ifs to each other and sometimes get lost in it 
Don’t we ?
Maybe its that desire to have the allusive other side of things 
Would be all still b that lonely for the interplay?
Would r days b better without the what ifs and we lived the how cum
Or y nots ……….

Maybe that is the quest

I allowed myself to get caught up in that what ifs and took it way to seriously  
But it was two sided 
That’s the true shame of it all 

From all the latest reports on this life in chat  
We made the tv and radio as a discussion
Oddly it sounded vaguely quite close to some of the ppl we all have encountered
It is a different breed and its hard sortin thru it all

This has been a change for me  
Has it hardened me …perhaps a bit 
 Made me lose faith in the honesty I thought some had most definitely
But it has givin me faith in some ppl I do value as real friends 
And dam I never once cybered any of them for their friendship
Wonder…….that make it not real ..opps sorry someone slap me 

The people who sat thru this with me 
I thank you with all my heart, soul and mind

To Be Continued....





2020-08-29 5:56:08 pm
I sat thru it ... chat smile love ya man!
2020-10-10 11:14:36 pm
I did not sit through it but have herd bits and pieces of it. It was good to read it all in writing to better piece the sequence of it all together. Yes I do see and senses the changes listed. It's like trying to coax a scared cat out of a tree that it climbed too high. Neverthe less will be here to reach out and be your friend!