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Chapter Two the Lost File

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Chapter Two
The door opening to a heart
The tail of a chat hobbit

Lost and  I started to cense a lose in the room and she told me about this other room she had been hangin in Married and Sooooo Bored and how much fun it was, so I ventured in and lurked. holy chit this room was moving .The only other room  other than bad I would venture in form time to time was MBF is was alwys packed in those days 50 ppl as a  normal count. Among some of the ppl there  a wacko named Lizzy Swirly_girl. Sassyprincess,Lyla.Sculptress ,LongTallTexan.and a whole cast of characters could asl them all but most of you no all but Long and Lyla (she was from indy and boy could she cook).Lost and I would venture in when the room was dead and just hang and chat. This was mutlitaskin one  room cupped the other room chat and it worked.
   Lost had a man she got involved with from Bad named Horse and he was a texan (seemed that was most of the ppl there oddly ). He was 40s m tx and married  with grandkids as well. The two of them chatted for sometime and he made her promises, professed his “love” for her and even went as far as to ask her to cum to texas. He was a correctional guard there,well he had some heath issues as well as a vietnam vet. One day he decide it was over after  messenger and chattin with her and came up wit ha great idea. He would die. So he wrote her as his brother (she knew he was havin an operation on his heart ) and  his bro told her he had died on the table. Well to say she was crushed is an understatement. We all were this guy seemed nice and to hear he died and not have anyway of lettin his family  no how we felt. It devastated all of us. By this time Tex and tri were almost out of chat the only time we saw them was when they needed to get in touch thru chat. We all mourned and lost was pretty much  depressed not only did she lose a good friend but any  hope of findin a way out of her  hell up there, no car no money (hard  left her for a woman in oh ) and  two kids. Then lo and behold who shows up a few days later Horse as if nothing ever happened. Lost was beside herself and didn’t quite no how to take it, so she  did the next best thing drugs lots of em. Her friend from nh exeter was up visitin her and found her almost out cold .When this first happened I gave her some lyrics to a song  Tomorrow Never Knows, by guess who and she would keep that in her head. When I logged on that morning , I got am im from her , well it was her friend tellin me how Lost was  out of it. Lost was  half in the  bag  on atom of pills and I made her tell her friend the lyrics to the  many of you who no KMA will no shes not one to  put up with much so I got a lot of Fu’s and such (I didn’t do phone in those days ),so  I finally got her to type to me . Over the next  cpl of hours all she would  type to me is the  words to this stupid song over and over  till I new she was sober. Plus had her g/f keep givin her  stuff to drink (water) and a few good cold showers , and finally she  got her head on right.
   Horse still would pop in and out . He saw  nothing wrong in his behavior. He blamed vietnam on it all and he had pts , well he  started back up with her .. we all figured ,ok if she was ok with it then we were. It was the second time I lost it with him when he came into the room and went off  on everyone and I could no longer keep my fingers quiet and pop everyone on iggy and went off  on him and  havent seen him since. I told  him if he wasn’t  man enuff to end it  he should have just gone on his own way and he did after that.
   All this time we still floated back and forth to Bored and  were enjoyin  the room. After Horse I lost my taste for hostin so I left Bad, we had a whole new crew  PrincesClt  30f az, Lost and Mac and 8  and  they all seemed ok in there so I left and just surfed and hung in Bored as joncarlo.
   Late one nite ( was still at home ) I ventured in a room Married with an Attitude and found  Sculptress and a good friend of hers alone  hosting  Cheyenne 30s f neb, and I was a guest for a few visits  that nite  just to kinda play with  them .Tress  was going thru a  slump and needed some time to understand herself, she is a very good natured person  who loves her home  just  likes to chat and make  good friends. The room didn’t last too long  due to the hours  it was open so she went  back to bore.
  Now Bored  what  an insane place that was we had  sassyprincess, jack, jilly, kat .long ,swirl, lizzy. lost ,uni,lyla,pattie and Lanie .Jack and jilly were the rooms cpl jack never came out of his cup I don’t think, I new jack from his visited into bad, never said much just hi and stuff but seemed reasonably  nice.
   Perhaps this would b a good time to  tell u how I judge ppl . I alwys felt that chat was a place for all to meet visit and enjoy a few laughs  maybe a whisper  but not  to b cruel to others. That is why I never really booted many ,besides  why boot em talk to em and make em realize they were wrong. Such as ask b4 u whisper.. we all no noone pays much attention to that, and  if u made em feel like chit  then a ban wasn’t necessary they just left never returned or when they did  I would mention to them upfront  no whisperin without asking.
   One day a guy who was  one of those nasty whisperers came into bored and iwhispered lizzy (I did ask first) and told her .When chit she freakin hammered me, u tend to it she said ,so I whispered him and mention he best b nice ..he wasn’t  and  he was booted , I figured why no, and yes I banned him. Now bored was an open room place no need to join unless u wanted too but it was a place for fun and good times.
One morning this little thing popped in and hung out while she was at work Gypsy Wings 40s cali brown font comic sans lite and she had quite the sense of humor, I paid a little attention to her when she typed but then she would cup and every now and them a lmao or something would come out. Swirl was alwys carryin on about her gas or the kids or something, sassy was always in her cup (she holds the msn cuppin record I think. Lizzy was getting hassled by Relax 12 m turkey or ky dependin on his mood (now he was weird good ppl but weird),One time  he and I did echo guest, without copy and paste. Talk about insane with my typos tryin to keep up with him. However we did it and it took em a while to figure it out. 
  One time we did cookie nics, everyone had to get a guest_cookie nic. Iwas guest_cookies_deleted I think. We had guest_choc_chip guest_oreo and a whole cookie tray. We also had a lot of ppl who would cum in just for a laugh. I reacll the birth of Gypsys grandson and the cradling I think that’s when she started to noticed me and we would exchange flirts.
   All during this time Lizzy was going thru here changes, there was a guy form ga Sav, he and she were an item. Lizzy was tryin to get thru her life and needed someone to kinda open a door for her and he was it. One mornin I recall how he spilled his coffee and it became a mickey d joke for a while (the suin over hot coffee). We use to get r fair hare of billbroaders, u no the type …Hi 24 male looking for a hot woman whisper me im great…. So Sav made up his own little one Hi,im_____ care to whisper and that’s when __™ was born. I was Jon by then shorten joncarlo. In Oct of 1999, it was Columbus Day I slipped into bored as guest_1492 and poor Tress (sculptress 18x2 moon) got so freaked out. She had a stalker and well I new a lot about her and was givin her some chit she finally figure out it was me, didn’t type to me for about 3 days would tell someone else to tell em hi and stuff. Meanwhile every am this cute little nic from the West Coast would pop in visit tell us jokes; talk about her kid’s family life and just laugh a lot. And god could she type. Now all thru this period my marriage was pretty much over, the only reason I was there was for my son and it was getting harder to just maintain life but I stuck it out, I wasn’t lonely anymore. Had chat and it helped.the day’s truned into nite and chat got to be more of an issue for me.  I had learned a lot of trick of chat by these time checks, my own icons and how to make ppl laugh and was enjoyin it all. So much so I sometimes forgot about things, but who cared.
  One morning a friend of mine whispered me about someone who was interested in me; I was well slightly shocked, since finding some wasn’t on my agenda. The best part was when I asked who it was she only would give me one clue  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, I was ok that helped a lot. Now I had to wait till she showed her colour, and went on tryin to make ppl laugh and enjoy.
    One morning I got this whisper it was from her asking to add her to my messenger, this would be the start of the most wonderous two year travel…………and yes I added her  right then.
    The next couple of months we chatted imed a lot talked and just became friends. Meanwhile ppl in the room were goin about there lives while we made our bonds had no clue what she even looked like, she did describe herself to me, but this is online and well lying happens a lot. One day I went into the bored community and peeked and I was, well words cannot describe what I saw, it was  a shock to say the least….pure beauty and some a smile she had, That was  my first thought of her, that smile…
    Lizzy had by this time  decided to meet  Sav and she did and they seemed ok, but more and more he didn’t show up  in the room and she  began to wonder about him… in the end he left. She took it  somewhat hard but she also new it  wasn’t meant  to be, my thought was  she was more  disappointed  that she let her guard down.
    The  days grew into nites and  she and I would sneak  a few evening rendezvous and  just  messenger all day. We talked about  everything kids, music, life, spouses work  and  just general chat, but mostly  became close friends. She told me she didn’t like to share a lot with ppl yet she  kept opening up to me more and more.
     Her time zone was 3 hours off form mine and  yet we seemed  to grow and  get to know each. One day she asked to hear my voice, this  was something I mentioned early on the dos and donts of  jon, I didn’t do voice,partly out of self-protection partly out of  my voice  I wasn’t sure about. She suggested I call her  office and listen to her voice mail , so I dialed up her number and  holy  chit   what a great  voice ,,,,,,,,and  I called back and she picked up and that was the start of  a lot  of  phone cards.
     Every morning I would  get my son off to school and make a mad rush to work ( I was still living at home), log on and  go to  the room and wait. I want you to know there was nothing (oddly) more exciting then to c her nic pop into the room.
     One day we  started a game I called what if, and it  became an  opening to  paintin pictures for her.
She and gone off to yosemite with her husband and when she returned sent me pic, and oopps one of hubby. The more  I saw her photos the more I was drawn to her , but the more we chatted the more I fell.
Not for just her beauty but her mind, she was brilliant to me, yes I was a little smitten.
     My home  life was slowin  dying and my wife  keep tellin me she wanted a divorce  which was not a huge issue except  the money side of things which is so complex and im still trying to work it thru. We  adopted a child and  to say he was costly is an understatement. 
     Gypsy had asked if it was possible to meet someday, since we are were on opposites sides  of the  country or if we ever had the chance could we. I told her from the start that the reality of that might never be .We discussed that movie “same time next year” the alan alda movie and if that was all we had maybe that would be enuff. Well that’s  a later  story  
     Bored was moving along  and the ppl would  drop in Megg 30s ny and very pink use to  talk about walmart and  one day I started tellin ppl she was  a real greeter  there and she later told me ppl really thought she was. I had sassy (would was still in her cup)makin prs (pocket rockets)and had a whole network of sales reps. There was a woman from can dreemsindigital aka guest_oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyes 30s  barrie barrie I had her  as the  canadian rep and gyps was the west coast  one  megg and lizzy were testers.
  Enter  ekaknova  a woman from ill and  an extremely fast copy and paster  30s f ill and  at  first she  was  somewhat quite  but  that changed , she  could  copy and paste pretty dam good. She use to write programs for  pc’s. She went so far back  she told me  she recalled 8 in floppies. She wasnt sure what she was looking for  in chat but  justfun. One nite I taught  her the art of chat dance when she was a little down .Chat Dance ?????? That’s were u pop in a cd of  your pleasure and  just  groove along and type. Eke as we called her  was tryin to find inner peace  with her life as well cept she didn’t disclose a lot about herself cept to only a few.
   All this time  Dale and silky 30s f id a ho were makin plans to meet and  get married and Dale had finally finished his divorce sold his house ( his stepdaughter took it over). One day he packed his  bags and headed out west to meet the woman of his whispers and dreams. Along the way he stopped and visited a few chatter friends  Swirl ,Pattie (ill get to her) and a few others when he got to pattie’s home in indy ,fort john wayne  he received word not to go any further….silk got cold feet. Dale turned around and returned however not havin anywhere to  go home to he  went to nyc actually long island .Lizzy put him up for a bit (so that only goes to prove she wasn’t  really a bytch). Dale  as I said before  is one of if not the nicest males I have had the pleasure to know and respect. I asked him once why not just go back home  he replied principal…and I understood.
    There are few others  from those days I have yet gotten to so I guess this would be the time to go there . Jack and jilly they were the room cpl and they  had made plans lots of plans jilly was from mich 27 and single with a child and the two would cup all dam day. Jack would toss a beer out  or hammer someone from time to time and we never quite new if he was there. They  had planned to  get together a few times and jack would back out and jilly couldn’t take it anymore and  started to ween out. I had her on my messenger and one day she told me she felt like she wasted her life  in waiting and left, then there was katie_girl 30s md, she had  so many ppl on her messenger it was  unbelievable she told me on all of her  messenger’s she had over 300 ppl. One day her husband had had about  enuff and tried to take her  pc away. Not a good idea she picked up her monitor and broke his nose, needless to say he pressed charges.
She disappear for a while she is still floatin around  and boy she could chat and chat. One-day chat was down   and she couldn’t  get in any rooms (radio dachat smile she imed a bunch of ppl and we had a mini chat on im, those days u could only had 4 ppl on it at a time , now with 6  I think its like12 (technology).she was actually shaking,,,, her words too.
    The other was lady)bug 30s f la formally of tx and she was married and claimed she didn’t whisper… her husband  was a control abuse freak whom she had an order of protection against. He installed a program in the pc Krec; this allowed him to c what and where she was goin online, who she talked to but only her side not the other. He used it in court so she said and we never heard from her again. Eke explained how it worked to me.
   Durin this time I would surf rooms finding interesting ppl to visit sometimes in the dead of night while my wife snored loudly upstairs (this helped the typin sound). One late nite est I found a room with two ppl in it this was when I happened upon Dazed Star and her friend Street, dazed had an asl almost as odd as mine 30s f left field I new right away. This was a special lady and we played humor games on and off for a few days. She liked tigers and was into pcs. She and I would only chatted a few times but for some reason we bonded as friends, perhaps it was because I accepted her for who she was not what ppl told her she looked liked. I have never judged any person on appearances not here nor in “real”. It was said to me many years ago that the character of a person is what is in their soul not their body. And for what I do for work I understand that line very well. Over time dazed and street would drop by bored and pretty soon they too would join our community. In fact I think she and sassy have a little thing.
    Sassy interesting person she is. The cupper I don’t think I ok maybe a few times have seen her actually pop out of her. U can tell a lot about a person online from how they type and where they hide and sometimes who they talk to. She and few others founded this room, married yet so bored with things in their environment.
    There was a room cpl in fact two jack and jilly were the ones everyone had hoped would make it. Jilly was a 27 f ill and jack was 30s m they cupped all the time. Jack would occasionally send a beer or a hammer or even a boot but rarely openly chatted. They were to me t a few times and jack didn’t only made promises. One day jilly had enough and sought an answer, got it and then poof gone. She talked me a few times and explained how she had wasted almost two yrs of her life in waiting for the elusive person to enter her life. She was single btw.
    The other cpl dale 40s m ny and silky 20s f idaho, they had chatted a long time before deciding to go forward. Dale still had to finish his divorce and close his business; he is a very smart and respected male and a man of high principals. One if the truly nicest male I have met. Once all was done he made his trek across the states to meet the woman of his dreams. He stopped along the way and visited the ppl he had come to know online. About a day out of getting to her she came to a decision and told him to turn around. It took him a longtime to recover and again poof another cpl gone.
  During all this time  the question mark of letters became filled, I received a whisper one morning askin for me if I would allow her to add me to  her messenger and Jypsee and I were born. I was actually very surprised that a woman of her character was even interested in me, boy was I flattered. We started  chattin regularly on instant messenger and the talks grew more and more interesting by the day , in fact some days by the hour. One day I couldn’t help myself and let  my dreams escape and we began a year of wonderment a term we called it. Some days we would  discuss our marriages and  what went wrong other days we would dream about what  could be or could  have been had we met a long time back. Slowly each of us opened up our hearts more and more, least I thought we did. She had to go away  on a  vacation with her husband.. to yosemite. She sent me some photos of the trip and theses were my sent of real pictures I had of her. I had no clue what she looked like the first month we chatted, made it a point not to look. Dam not only was she a very smart person but dam beautiful too.
 Lizzy had cum to  realize Sav had burned her  since he was no longer around or  would only stop by for a  quick second  or two. There was this one guy who  hung out with us while he was at work bluethunderblue 40s m ca  and one of the nicest  men I think we all can say we knew, he would just hang and chat while he could. One day he whispered me about lizzy and how  he was  pissed  about  sav and what he did to her. She and he would start a  relationship which blossomed and grew quietly too(they were discreet).  They would  meet later on in time. Lizzy fell in love with him and he with her.
 Meanwhile  Jyps and I would meet  regularly and  have our days filled with endless  instant messaging.  She  would work I would work. My marriage  was long over I was just killing time at home waiting for the right moment to leave or get pushed out. One of the  home life issues I had to sort thru was a big one money, I have a son who we adopted and put me in the poor house (I will say he was worth every penny).
It was my attempt to save a crumbling marriage and didn’t  help that was when I knew it was over. Well that  and  an affair I had encountered and ended after realizing it wasn t the answer. Jyps and I discussed  that  a few times in fact and she had agreed with me.
  Lizzy and blue slowly started to show their colours. Dale was getting back into the groove and  sass was still cupped. Lanie was  starting to discover more and more about herself  growin and learning things she needed to know about her life. She  discussed a lot of different issues with several men. One  was a veloracer  he was stationed in korea  and a bicyclist he was in his 30s, well one day we received word he was in an accident and was hospitalized in critical condition, another causality cept well he wasn t he just  thought  it was easier to die than say goodbye…….Lanie  went thru a few changes  as well as the rest of us.
   At this  point I  was  still chatting  with pretty much all types of ppl entering  Bored, Jyps and I  chatted daily  on messenger and boy did  we have  some good topics. We discussed what ifs a lot  or maybe it was the emails and I , she  inspired me and was slowly stealin a part of me away.  My marriage was by this time  very much over and I was just buyin time  there till I could afford to move on. This was a matter of importance  from both sides. She would discuss a lot of home stuff from time to time but  we tried to both not go there. One of the early things discussed was the search for the person within ourselves we were looking for.
  Music was a link for us or at least one of the topics we seem to share, she was a heavy metal type and I was a variety. I came across a song from someone called Birdcall Morning this would become a song that in the end would have deep meaning. It’s about someone seeking to be free and keeping balance. That seem to get harder some days, but we discussed it a lot. We both had issues about that her sometimes much stronger than mime I told her if she wasn’t sure we should end it she said no we could work it out, so I stayed.
  The room was building and the fun was outstanding, many ppl would fly by some would even stay, many old time chatters I knew from the earlier days. Lizzy and Blue would talk and whisper Swirl and her friend (not allowed to type his nic) where having some issues. Sassy meanwhile and her Digger where well an item to say the least……. one night she must of changed at least 15 20 times her im, dam I wish we could have seen the  gray flannel thongs she flashed on messenger.
   Around this time my wife and I were no longer even speaking  I was residing in the house and payin the  bills mainly and the fights grew louder and harder. It got to the point where going home wasn’t worth it so I would either stay out late or go to a part time job I had. One  Sunday as I was on my way to the part time job my wife requested I not come home at all. So I didn’t  till 6 am the next morning  choosing to stay at work and when I went  to the house I was barred out of it ,I think the time had come for me to leave huh ?
Around the same time things in Bored had gotten weird  and well one weekend Sassy decided it was time to close it and it was gone. No longer was there  a playground for us to meet and play and tease. Well sometimes we would browse  married but flirting but we didn’t  stay long there. Am chat was like a morning cup of coffee to me  and to her I think it was how she started her day,little did I realize why or how till much later.




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I read the first blog, I guess my first thought would does he remember so much. My story is: was riding with my Mom through a town ( not even a stop light) I was 16. I saw him waiting to cross the street. I knew he was the one...and he was. He was the most awesome man I ever met or ever would. I thank you for the laughs yesterday. Been a long time, I cry every time I think of him. We were best friends and therefore I never made other friends. He was all I needed, and now he is gone.