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MC3...The Aftermath Begins

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MC 3… The Aftermath

After the Ny Trip & Jyps returned to Calf our routine returned to the “norm”
Around this time I received a call from a haretender friend from Beverly Hills with a job offer. So we discussed the possibilities of my moving west. 
First she had to decide where she was going with her marriage. This was not their first rodeo; both had a few marriages behind them. 
In the early days she liked to play a game we called What If?
Well we were getting close to a What If moment.
Trust is a strange thing sometimes do you trust your heart or do you trust your inner self.
She was a heart person and it appears, as I was the inner one.
I told her if I were to relocate (which I found out Dan also did for her)
I would not live with her at first she agreed and I would need to establish myself.
And it would take a while but first I would need to come out and look it over and see the salon and talk to my friends. So the next leg began….
Meanwhile back in the room ppl were parting having a good time and were all Very aware of the personal connection we had made.
Lanie changed her nic to her real name Rhonda and BadCompany stay Bad but they had blossomed into that online thing. They just celebrated their 7th yr Anniversary..
Grey took a leave to venture around; this was the first of a pattern…
BayGirl & some of the Ny members started a spin off room for the locals.
Sol Grey started to help organize them. This was a good diversion for him. He relocated to Pa with hopes of something. Only to realize it wasn’t goin to happen.
He & Jane remained friends but he had to distance himself for a time.

Meanwhile I made plans to go to Calf in Jan for a week.
Not because I was goin to see Jyps but this was a long overdo need to get away to make plans for my upcoming divorce ….

In the words of Arlo Comin  into L.A was as they say was palm trees in your eyes moment.
And there she was with her Grand Prix and off we went to Corona
Ah the memory of Little Miguels tacos 
And it was drive thru ..
Got to her little apt where we showered and changed to go out for a ride
The next day we took in Grumman’s Chinese Theatre, checked out some footprints 
Had lunch at Johnny Rocket’s Dinner then off to  JuanJuan…

After visitin with my friends we did the Rodeo Dr walk and headed out
The next day we went to see her haretender in Huntington Beach
Then she said we have a choice go back up or take the PCH for a bit and cross over.
So we headed down to Del Ray and had lunch walked the pier as we did in Huntington.

So now the decision which roadway to take ?
She said lets do Ortega Pass, like I hada clue LOL..
And up we went across a little Mountain at 80 mph.. in her Grand Am
Now as we started to climb this windy highway of sorts to see the curves were uhmmm Great…Not…
There were No guardrails at one point and I’m thinkin ive seen this in a movie somewhere on Rockford files…….
 So as we get the top we now proceed straight down the side to El Segundo then to her place.. And yes more Little Miguels and  well geee bed.
As the week went along I gave thoughts to what a friend had said … ‘Don’t let the palm trees get in your eyes’
That and the last nite oddly Dan came by. He stayed out of the apt but she went down to talk to him….
The morning I was to leave we went to breakfast then to the airport.. When I was boarding the plane I had a feeling this was the last time I would see her …….